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Design Thinking - Essay Example

Firstly, I have to say that this book has given me a different approach when turning an Idea Into a product or service. I knew from the start that there were some tools before It, the tools that LENIN gives us: pre-Motorola, customer visits, budget and a project team. After reading this book, I understand there is much pre-work to do before considering a protect that we can develop than the one we have been doing until now.

There are many aspects and areas that designers can focus on, but the world is instantly changing, we must go out and realize which necessities are incomplete in society and turn them into opportunities, designers will need to change their standards and adapt themselves to the new opportunities. Before we start to develop an Idea, there are some steps to follow. The first Is to approach the context of the problem and try to understand which the local situation Is.

In the case our company Is not having results, the solution Is not designing a new product to intrude in the market, but changing our minds and having another respective. We need to create awareness of our product in society, after the pre-workout is important to collect data about the product we are offering and the customers we are going to focus our product. It is needed to know if the product we are launching is going to be accepted or if it is suitable for a certain group of people. Once our product Is defined, It Is Important that all members of the team are concuss of which the product Is and get familiarized with It.

In our company, Kimono, e are tying to define a single product that Involves all the marketing protects that are now running in the teammate, so that all the members can sell it or present it to company’s customer. It is also important to know which is the environment where the action is going to take place. Going to the street and meeting people, local suppliers and commerce’s can help us on knowing the background of the protect. It is important that we interact with locals to have the first feedback, at least if we are focusing the product in the right way.

Design Thinking makes the difference and reduces the risk of the innovation. When creating different models and prototypes tested by customers we have an Intimidate feedback we can use to develop our product approached to real customers, so It Is going to be much more accepted by the market. It has been good for getting used to the books concepts and start applying them into our teammate’s protects. I think it has been great to read this book before the workshops, now we “know’ what Design Thinking is, the workshops will be much profitable.