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Architectural design during spanish era in the philippines - Essay Example

“European Architecture Was introduced to our Country The influence of European architecture was originally came from Antilles through the manila galleon. Antilles is a archipelago bordered by the Caribbean sea to the south and west, the Gulf of Mexico to the northwest, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and east. And the most lasting legacy of Spain in terms of architecture was its colonial parish Churches. Its structure was made using local materials. Some examples of this architectures are Bay an baton which is commonly found in

Vagina, ‘locos Sure and in Tall, battings. This type of house became typical type of house of noble Filipinos back then. This house was made out from Bricks and stones, overhanging, wooden upper story with balustrades and cap’s shell sliding windows and a tiled roof. Other Spanish structural designs can be found in Intramural, this historic city was home to old Churches, Schools, convents, government buildings and residences. You can find here the best collection of Spanish colonial architecture before it was destroyed by bombs of World War II. The only building left here was the San Austin Church.

It was the third Justinian church erected on the site. San Austin Church was known for its massive structure. Other one is the Fort Santiago, it is a defense fortress established by Spanish conquistador, Miguel Lopez De Legalize. Fort Santiago was the Citadel of the walled city of intramural, the location of Fort Santiago was once also the site of the Palace of Rajah Sullivan, the king of manila in Pre-Spanish era. It was destroyed by the conquistadors upon arriving in 1570, that leads to a Bloody battle between Muslims and native Togas. Sustaining Churches. They built many churches all over the Philippines that can still be seen now.

It is so amazing because of its structural design. The church has 14 side chapels and a tromped-Leila ceiling. The sustaining church found in Papaya in ‘locos Norte is the most Famous of all sustaining Churches,because of its unique specimen of Filipino Structure from the Spanish era. And it has been included in the World Heritage Sites List of UNESCO. It was built from 1694 to 1710. It is a earthquake proof baroque style of structure. The Find this topic interesting because of the Modern-like structure of Spanish colonial era. I think this is the second most long last legacy of Spaniards in the Philippines next to Their Religion.