Art: Pacific Tapa designs - Essay Example

This type of design is mostly found in the Island of Pacific Ocean, primarily in Tong, Samoa, and Fiji. The name Tap comes from the Samoan Tap referring to the unclouded border off bark clot sheet. Each culture has Its own Indigenous name for bark cloth and each retains Its own characteristic techniques for producing it.

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In Tong It Is called Nougat, In Samoa – Slaps, In Nuts – HOLAP and In FIJI It Is known as Mass. As a symbol of wealth and status, Tap Is often presented In ritual gift exchanges, for matrimonial dowry and It also featured prominently In large ceremonial occasions such as weddings, births and deaths particularly when connected with royal or high ranking families. The process of making Tap design Involves the cultivation and harvesting of the Ideas. Traditionally, bark Is used for making Tap but in modern day fabric can also be used.

First, they draw a Tap design on a piece of fabric or bark and later they decorated it either by freehand or by taking imprints or rubbings from carved wooden templates. Black, white, and brown are mostly used; gold and orange are rarely used too. They traditionally come from the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Nowadays it is widely used all around the world for many things. Some people use it as wallpapers; others use it to make all sort of clothing out of it. Tap has become a marker to the people in the islands of the Pacific Ocean.