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Assignment System Analysis And Design - Essay Example

Testing is done at every stage. Waterfall model contains 5 phases: 1 . Requirement gathering and Analysis 2. Design 3. Coding 4. Testing 5. Maintenance Prototyping Model Before carrying out the development of the actual software, a working prototype of the system should be built. A prototype is a virtual development of the system. A prototype usually turns out to be a very rough version of the actual system, possibly exhibiting limited functional capabilities, low reliability, and inefficient performance as compared to the actual software.

In many situations the client only has a general idea of what is expected from the software product. In such situations, prototyping model can be deployed. Steps in prototyping model: 1. Basic Requirement Identification 2. Developing the initial Prototype 3. Review of the Prototype 4. Revise and enhance the Prototype Task 2 Importance of Using Staged Life Cycle for This System Every software development solution provider needs to put special focus on software development life cycle (OSDL) in order to gain better, efficient and functional software that helps businesses in the long run.

The OSDL can be defined as a path that every software development organization must follow in order to develop effective information system and software. Using staged life cycle for this system has many important facts: 1. Simple to understand and easy to use 2. Each phase has specific deliverables and a review process, so that the developers and project sponsor can understand what has been done so far 3. One phase is processed and completed at a time 4. Errors can be detected much earlier 5. Missing functionality can be identified easily 6. It reduces risk of failure