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Business Strategy: Design Your Own Cake - Essay Example

Introduction Nowadays, cakes are use in special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, christening and more. But, cakes are also a good dessert. But, due to continues increase of ingredients use in making cakes like flour and dairy products, cakes become more expensive. But, in this product, being more cheaper, more tastier and fresh in the campus. It’s DC stands for “Design Your own Cake”. With DC, students in Uneven Acacia High School (NEWS), can treat their selves with cake to knowing they save more and tasted the newest product in the campus.

DC, being the freshest and competitively free having the first cake product in NEWS. Days is made up of egg, grahams, and designing your toppings. The design of the cake will depend on the client’s choice. They can choose what toppings they like, when the toppings will be crushed cookies, nuts, choc syrup etc. Background of the Study Statement of the Problem This feasibility study is intended to evaluate the feasibility of selling “Days” having Uneven Acacia High School as the marketing place.

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Specifically, it aims to evaluate and analyze the following: Is DC will become in demand for the next 3 years? Is DC will satisfy the client’s taste? Product Description DC is free in competitors, new and fresh and first cake product in Uneven Acacia High School. Product Process Equipment/Materials Plant Location Plant Layout The marketing aspect of the study General business condition The study tackles about the feasibility of DC in NEWS campus.

As of now, DC is free from competitors, processing the plant location, taking a survey. Competitive Condition DC has no competitors around the campus. Target Market The target market of DC is only in NEWS campus, the product will be sold along the students and teachers only. Product DC, a remake version of grahams change into a cake-like format.