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Classroom Design - Essay Example

Current research shows classroom design does have a significant impact on the engagement and learning of students. One such study found significant positive impact on learning when ownership of the space was a characteristic, as did flexibility in the layout and clearly defined separate learning areas (Barrett et al. , 2013). In this classroom design there are individual or personal territories which are clearly defined to allow students to feel a sense of ownership. The room plan maximizes flexibility in the arrangement of desks to allow for various whole class, group or individual activities.

The shared activity areas are placed at the periphery of the room to minimize distraction and provide a sense of separation from the instructional areas. The use of separate zones permits for varied activities to take place at the one time. Barriers such as bookshelves and storage are placed to clearly define the different zones. The teacher’s desk is placed unobtrusively in a corner of the room so no physical barrier exists between students and teacher. The horse shoe seating arrangement offers space to present lessons and gives ample room for the teacher to move freely about the room, having contact with all students.

All students re in close proximity to the board and the teacher. This classroom design Is flexible allowing reorganization into layouts suitable for a range of activities as learning occurs in a variety of settings and Is not restricted to one area (Wolff & Margaret 2013).