Costume Design for Films - Essay Example

Lesson -2 It Is an Introduction to the variety of Jobs available to the designer on film and elevation productions, including styling for commercials and music videos. Emphasis is on designing within the confines of a low budget. Lesson – 3 This is a practical work out in actualization written or verbal descriptions of characters and costumes through illustration. Emphasis is on exploring a variety of media and finding techniques that correspond to the students’ individual strengths Lesson -4 Students will study and analyze the history of Indian films.

Emphasis Is on the major film studios, directors, and different film genres that were popular from the beginnings of film through the 1 sass. The great blooded costume designers and the stars that became icons of style are also studied Lesson -5 They will learn about the relationship of the costume to the character, the story, the other characters’ costumes, the locale, and the time period. Students plan a budget and examine the roles of the various department heads on union films.

Lesson -6 how to develop their own style of rendering period and contemporary costumes and fabrics. In the course of preparing a portfolio, they explore customizing the Illustration to the actor and Incorporating appropriate accessories, props, and background explores the Job duties of the wardrobe supervisor. Students study what happens to the costume after it has been approved by the costume designer, the actor, and the director.

They learn about managing the wardrobe crew, maintaining the costumes, and keeping the continuity book Lesson – 8 The student learns about the resources and research techniques necessary to keep current with the state of the film and television industries. The newest genres, directors, producers, and stars are analyzed and compared, as the students explore how to achieve a successful career path via networking, reading trade publications,