Curriculum Based Summative Assessment Design - Essay Example

With the assessment plan it will measure the student’s capability to add and subtract operations and number, they will also have the capability to measure proper procedures to achieve algebraic thinking and operation. Once the unit of adding and subtraction has been educated the objective will be tested from each complete unit. “Ability, how well they are learning may be used as an effective tool to enhance future performance using curriculum based standardized learning outcome” (Kibitzes & Boric, 2013).

The students will have object to count in as sets and some objects will be taken away from the sets to give some type of accuracy. Students will be able to solve word problems in addition and subtraction. They will be able to subtract and add within the 10 to 20, for an example they will use objects to signify the problem. The students will be able to combine, and choose strategies to answer questions. With word problems the students will be able to solve using subtraction and addition. Assessment should be in the teachers planning for learning as a everyday practice in the classroom.

Teachers will have learning goals that has teaching strategies in the criteria. Teacher will make sure that the students know what they will learn in advance on how and why they need to be assessed. Educator’s plans will be flexible so they can make changes to new information and opportunities. All planning needs to be strategies in order to check the students 3 understanding of pursuing their goals. The criterion is applied in the students assessing their work. Students will get their feedback, they will be share in their assessing in learning and they will make good progress once they were planned.

In order to guide learning process teachers need to plan and give opportunities for themselves and students to develop in learning goals. The main purpose is to evolve an assessment to improve student learning and the one I will notify me in the progress of my students. With the formative assessment will give me feedback so I may adjust in my teaching of the curriculum. Another purpose of development to the assessment is to effective the lesson by reaching in the state, district, and the national goals.

Finally the assessment will be able to provide the record on how the curriculum and lessons are convening the students, administrators, parents and stakeholders of expectations and goals. My students will be able to add and subtract and solving word problems. Students will be able to master the math contents by use of technology. There will be computer lab for student to go on and do games based on what they learn in the classroom. Part 2 This plan is for 1st grade teaching math for the students to develop effortlessness in addition and subtraction.

By using strategies in putting together the adding with understanding of subtraction that will take from and taking apart. CSS. MATH. CONTENT. I . OH. A. I which is “addition and subtraction within 20 to solve word problems involving situations of adding to, taking from, putting together, taking part, and comparing, with unknowns in all positions” (corresponded. Org). “CSS. MATH. CONTENT. I . AAA. B. 3 Apply properties of operations as strategies to add and subtract. 2 Examples: If 8 + 11 is known, then 3+8= 11 is also known. (Commutative property of addition. To add 2 + 6 + 4, the second two numbers can be added to make a ten, so 2 + 6 + 4 = 2 + 10 = 12. (Associative property of addition. )” (corresponded. Org). Direction: Which pictures shows 4+1 Solve the problem: Directions: Add the blocks to numbers together. Mathematics DOCK Level 2 {Skill/ Concept} 4 Directions: Which addition sentence does this picture show? 0 2+1=3 0 1+2=3 0 1+1=2 0 2+2=4 Directions: Read the following sentences carefully and fill in the correct answer. Mathematics DOCK Level 1 . {It recalls the information such as term, fact, and/or simple procedure} 1 .

At the Basketball Tournament, Brad won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals. How many medals did she win at the Tournament? 2. Katie house has 4 rooms with each of them having 1 window. 6 How many windows are in Skate’s house? Solve: Jackie was studying for the school spelling bee. She learned 3 word on Monday, 2 words on Tuesday, and 2 words on Wednesday. How many words did Jackie learn in al? Words Rubric Score Description Student demonstrates the complete understanding of the problem. Student demonstrates substantial understanding of the problem. Students demonstrate partial understanding of the problem.

Student shows little understanding of the problem. Student demonstrates no understanding of the problem. Student does not respond to the problem. DOCK LEVELS Level 1: Demonstrates minimal success (0-1 points) Level 2: Demonstrates performance potential standard (2 points) Level 3: Demonstrates performance at standard (3-4 points) Level 4: Achieves high level of standards (5 points) part 3 The assessment is to support the specific purpose in grading and giving feedback to the student’s mastery of what they learned and discovery as individual students. Formative assessments are usually less formal then summarize assessments and, although the instructor may keep a record of the results, they are not used to report official achievement progress, such as a letter grade” (Ninth, 2001). Therefore I will be using a formative assessment so I may monitor my students learning progress. When the assessment is affected it is by developed of teachers that can support the instruction of accountability and; for teachers would have enough time to get the data collection to meet the teacher classroom needs.

Teachers will make the time to see what they learned from the data regarding their students, and added it to their instructions. With a good program of a individual assessment will have three context to it: first the personal characteristics, can be relative of the context environment, and education experiences for the child exposes, second the particular characteristic will be relative to the general personality and the makeup of the salient features; and hire the “inferences about measured characteristics should be relative to the context of the measurement process per SE” (Missies, 2004).

For the curriculum to be meaningfully he assessment must have a provision of the analysis for the display, interpretation, and reporting of the weakened relationships. My students who are Special Education I will have them to understand that they are not different that they can do what the other students can do like them, but give them a choose to if they wanted to sit with others or like them. Some kids feel safe if there is other like them.