Design Analysis - Essay Example

The first thing to consider is contrast. Contrast is important because if it is done poorly you will not give the card a chance. This business card does an excellent job with contrast. While the front has a picture, the words are in white and bold so it is very easily read. The back is the classic black writing on white. This may be simple, but you cannot go wrong with simple. The next thing to look at is repetition. Because this was a small space, there was not a lot of repetition like there would be on a web site, but the design was consistent.

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The entire quote was in italics and the contact information was all in the same font with the same alignment, which leads to the alignment aspect of design. Everything on the back of the card was in the same alignment, while the only thing on the front Just took up the front of the business card. Overall the alignment was good, it was not centered but right aligned. The proximity of this business card was also great. There was plenty of white space, and not every inch was filled. All of the things that were related were near each other in an understandable way. So, while this piece was not the most extravagant, it was not roll designed.

This business card was not for a company, it is for a prayer hotlist. I believe the audience of this piece, are those in need of someone to talk to or for those who feel they are in need of prayer. I do not think the audience was too specific because people were passing this business card out while in the mall. While there may not be a very specific audience in means of age group or race, they were definitely trying to reach people in a similar state of mind. This leads me to believing that there is a purpose of this card. I think it is for those who feel alone, to not have o feel that way.

The purpose could also be to get those involved with the hotlist and the church that sponsors it although it is not listed. So I do believe that this card meets its purpose. The next piece I will look at is for the Air Force Recruiting Service. While this card had some good aspects, it was overall poorly designed. When it comes to contrast this card did pretty well. Nothing burned my retinas and everything was easily readable. It was a simple blue and white design. With this being such a small space, there is a hard time to do repetition, but this did an specially bad Job at repetition.

We are lucky that the fonts are the same. There is not a consistent alignment, font size, and some of the same words are completely capitalized while others are not. When it comes to alignment, they are all over the place. This business card has some things centered, left aligned, and right aligned. When it comes to proximity, this was also poorly done. There is something placed in every corner of this card. This card does not look organized. Phone numbers should be grouped together. All contact information should be grouped together. There are lot of small things that could fix this card.

First thing is eliminate the back side completely. If you have the website listed on the front the back side is not necessary. There are Just too many words. No one wants to read that much on a business card. I have not even read the entirety of this card. Next is being more consistent. Use the same alignment; especially if you are going to have the same information on the footer of the business card. Finally although some of the words bolted are in a smaller print, only have one thing bolted. I do not know which I should look at first.

While the target audience is more likely to be those interested in going into the military rather than those who care about design, the design of a business card is important. The design states the purpose. While fully looking at it, you realize that it is a recruiter’s business card. You then should realize the purpose is to recruit those interested in Joining the armed force, but with the way it is designed you look at the name Micelle P. Manuel and airborne. Com. If those are the only two things you look at, you will not really know the purpose, therefore it does not meet its purpose very well.