Design and Security - Essay Example

While starting the design of the user interface I wanted, I had to take into consideration of the user’s needs, what they old want to see, how they would use it, and what security would be needed in order for it to work. I have made a simple feedback form that the user can enter their data and submit it by email, but the security of the how it transmit data is still not secure. I am diligently working to make the necessary changes to the form so it will be secure when it transmits the data contained within.

I have used the guidelines mentioned in the reading of the class to make sure I covered what was needed to design the interface, with the exceptions of the user being able to customize the interface, having a clear text button, and not entering all data in all field. I will later change this to allow the user more control, but this is the first design, kind off 1. 0 version of the form and interface.

As you can see from the screen shot of the interface, I have included all necessary fields of the information I would like to obtain the users input of service they received and how to make it better or make changes. During the testing phase of the user interface, I have found three key areas that showed security risk and vulnerability with the user interface and they are: 1 . The identification of the security weakness: Did not encrypt the data 2. Assessment of the risk: Analyzing if the data can be breached 3.

Develop a plan to reduce or eliminate the risk: researching encryption. With further research I will find the encryption methods to use to make sure the data that is entered on the feedback page will be secure from hackers and unauthorized access. In today’s society, we have seen many data breaches from flaws in the so called secure networks that has led to information being stolen. Making sure to have the security behind the information being reanimated is very important, and by assessing the risk beforehand can help reduce the breaches and keep the information safe.

With the advances in technology we have today, intruder have the power to invade systems and gain access to credit card information, bank accounts, steal money, and commit identity theft. Implementing many authorization methods or procedures such as the encryption of data, authorization questions, and strong passwords can reduce or eliminate any threats to the information. For example some website have the field called CAPTOR with the almost Jumbled letters and numbers that a user has the look at carefully to be able to enter the data.