Free Sample: Design for a Wireless Campus Area Network paper example for writing essay

Design for a Wireless Campus Area Network - Essay Example

The city of Joshua, Texas has instructed their IT staff to research and choose a way to give network connectivity. The main issue is that the locations that need to be connected are across roads and staff to research a wireless technology to connect our other locations.

The Issue Is that there Is not sufficient time to obtain the right of way permission from the two entitles who own the road and highway separating the buildings. Equipment Selection Radio Frequency Option After looking a few different radio wireless vendors I have found the following; Cambium Networks oomph to have the best implementation to satisfy the needs of this project.

The equipment that was analyzed Is a wireless Access Point that will e Glen connection to antennas that can be mounted to any structure outdoor. These radios give two different options of radio frequency In the 2. or range. Manufacturer Model Cost Max Speed Mounting Method Cambium Networks amp 1000.