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Design for social good - Essay Example

This essay, will write about one of the main design philosophy of Victor Panel and I will show I-phone 36 designed by Join Vive of design team of Apple as an example to allude a his perception about an Industrial design to It. The book named ‘Design for the Real World’ written by Victor Panel indicate an overall directivity and proper purpose of an industrial design, and also he criticize about a contemporary industrial design for alerting industrial designers to unfair distribution of design benefits.

In the introduction of his book, he said, “If we equate the triangle tit a design problem, we readily see that Industry and its designers are concerned only with the tiny top portion, without addressing themselves to real needs. “(Victor Panel, 1971. Design for the Real World, Thames & Hudson). Moreover, the reason of why I pick the I-pod is, It was one of the well designed AMP player in the world and has massively affected in contemporary human life, furthermore, the assessment of design of it was so many.

I will analyze it and will find out that how influential it was as a political or ethical view. Most of industrial design students want to know what is n Industrial design and wonder what is the ultimate purpose of It and whether It need to be for human or not. The Industrial design Is basically taking part in everything, most of designed things are on purpose to affect to world and furthermore, to improve world as a better place. Then some people start to have a question about design, ‘Has the design genuinely improved the world efficiently and evenly? ‘.

One of most big and prevalent problem of the industrial design is that the designer’s share is still totally unequal, it leans too much towards on minority which as big economic design market. “Nearly all of these countries exist with wealth concentrated In the hands of a small of “absentee landlords. Design Is a luxury enjoyed by a small clique who form the technological, moneyed and cultural “elite” of each nation”(Panel,v. 1971, design for the real World, Thames & Hudson). Then, how can solve this problem? He suggests that designers in whole of the world need to recognize what is the real need and they need to make a honest response.

Moreover, he also proposed the ‘tithe’ as a solution to apply for real work life of Industrial designers, “Being designers, we can pay by giving ten percent of our crop of Ideas and talents to the seventy-five percent of mankind need. ” (Panel,v. 1971, design for the real World, Thames & Hudson). Synthetically, it shows that, the industrial design area has lots of problems ,and at the same time, there exist solutions of them, and finally, designers who strive to solve problems of it can improve the unfair situation in the world. Before talk about I-pod, I want to Introduce Jonathan Vive.

He Is Brittle based industrial designer and he had worked with Steve Jobs to design many products of Apple Corporation, and now he is the head of creative design team of the Apple. “The I-pod has been created as an art object for hardware and software to coexist in” BONO assessed. The reason of why the Apple made the I-pod is as in the following, “In the early sass, Apple had stabilized. The Mac was a hit, and Apple had Just Introduced Max SO X, a new operating system. SO X applications were In the works application for digital music”(Kenney. L, 2003, Join Vive, Portfolio Penguin).

The Apple swiftly started to make a team for design and production of I-pod, Join Vive was also included. “from early on we wanted something that would seem so natural and so inevitable and so simple you almost wouldn’t think of it as having been designed. The shape wasn’t the issue, it could have been shaped like a banana if we’d wanted” Join Vive explained(Kenney. L, 2003, Join Vive, Portfolio Penguin). As through his ‘less design as much as possible’ design philosophy, they could undertake to focus an user interface design and organizing rather than do decorate appearance of it.

When The Apple unveiled it, they has nothing to worry, including the I-pod’s packaging. In August 2001, they turned on the one of the final I-pod prototype to play a song, “Oh, my God, this is going to be so cool” Jobs said with his group. In following 23rd October 2001 , Steve Jobs opened a special press event on the Apple’s campus to unveil the I-pod, however, differently with apple’s effort, reviewers were Just as negative at the first time. When the Apple’s design team thought about the pod’s shape, they started to map user interface out to think all the options for selecting song by user.

Music list, albums and artists were the main options for the pod user interface. By this starting point, locating the screen was a mission, and so whether use the button or not also issue. Following above issues, Join Eve’s design team undertook experimenting to change shape of the pod with various positions to put the scroll wheels and screen. ]onyx’s team initially wanted to put four buttons above the wheel, Just below the screen, but then decided to put the buttons around the scroll wheel instead. This made them easy to press with a thumb while turning the wheel'(Kenney, L. 013, Join Vive, Portfolio Penguin). The white color of the pod was an dead from Join Vive. “Right from the very first time, we were thinking about the product, we would seen the pod as stainless steel and white. It is Just so brutally simple. It is not Just color. Supposedly shocking neutral” Join said(Kenney, L. 2013, Join Vive, Portfolio Penguin). He also thought, the white color imply a message that machine can not dominate the user of it. The back of the pod consists of a stainless steel. The stainless steel looks great, but generally it easily get scratches and even be easily dented. It is actually a completely irrational use of that material in that intent. To put stainless steel on the back of a portable music player makes no logical sense, because it scratches easily, it dents, it is very heavy. But it absolutely worked” Chris Lifter who was a design consultant of the Apple said(Kenney, L. 2013, Join Vive, Portfolio Penguin). Furthermore, when most other rival companies would have elected a durable plastic, the reason of why the Sonny’s design team have picked a stainless steel was so simple, because it was strongest and thinnest material which they could efficiently deal with.

The other feature of pod’s material is the white plastic coated with a extremely thin and transparent Perspex layer at the front of pod.