Design Matrix - Essay Example

Christina Belong America is a place that is all about eating healthy and maintaining a certain size, as it portrays a better image. Everyone has become so obsessed with being model sized but being able to eat at the same time. The approach has come with offering consumers a health/whole foods store that has a similar feel of a farmers market with a larger variety.

Allowing consumers the chance to self-serve themselves or have he staff assist them with fresh healthy cooked foods. Being able to choose from fresh fruits and vegetables, which are shipped in from local farmers. For the freshest in season products, shipments will occur at least four times per week. The stores design will be designed to allow customers ease of shopping. Many stores have created the one stop shop, which allows consumers to save time and money. Implementing a suggestion area where they provide feedback on what they would like to see In the store.

Allowing customers to have a decision in what the store does help to build a greater sense of loyalty. An innovative idea that has already made lives easier is allowing customers to shop online and have the items delivered for the date they set up. Giving consumers the option to choose what they eat and how it is done allows for a more successful production. The product that I have chosen to do would be tennis shoes. This ties into the entire health conscience attitudes that people have developed.

The initial product launch would be a walking/running shoe. Most people who walk also incorporate running Into their workout regimen. Shoes need to be able to support the feet and ankles providing for greater stability for the person wearing them. Understanding that the market has hundreds of pairs of shoes on the market already, they need to be versatile and durable. Offering exchange or money back guarantee gives customers trust that the product is good and if something is not they are not losing.

The production of these tennis shoes needs to be done in an area that helps create jobs for areas via a manufacturing line. This also creates a bond as people will be putting money back into the economy, helping it to grow. Layout of this facility needs to be created so that it allows for the use of materials in one location, avoiding employees having to go to different areas to obtain the materials needed. Store front design should have an Inviting appeal that draws customers in. Once a customer comes Inside you have a greater chance of selling your product.

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I selected both the health/wholes foods store and tennis shoes as people have become more conscience of their overall health and what better way to market than to use healthy products. This would be the same thing If a company changes the process in which they manufacture by using less materials and electricity they have part for saving the environment. No product ever created will be 100% it will take time and adjustment to understand the ever-changing market, but the company and products has to adapt as this occurs.