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Design Specification - Essay Example

Background: (Design Brief) The design brief is to design a functioning and lasting computer tablet stand. The reason is that there can still be a lot of improvements made to the current computers tablet stands that are on the market. Product title: A portable computer tablet stand. The target is to make the work for engineers on the field of work easier. Intended Markets: The stand is aimed at engineers . The aim is to make the work for engineers on the field easier. Environment: The product is to be used on the field of work by engineers. The product will be signed to be strong and durable.

Function: To protect the tablet from taking severe damage if dropped. Because it is easy for an engineer to drop their tablet and the tablet will be easily broken from the impact of it being dropped. Performance requirements: To have a strap on the back of the cover and to have a stand so that the tablet can be faced at an upright view . This is to help an engineer take down statistics and have a good grip of the tablet whilst holding it out on the field of work. Form: The product is shaped as it is to help the tablet stand to survive an impact of being dropped.

It is like this so that the computer tablet does not get damaged from any impact. Style/Aesthetics: The computer tablet stand has a vortices design. The computer tablet stand is designed like this so that it will stand out to the public whilst people are browsing the market may it be online or in a store. Materials and components (weight): The product will be made off sturdy and durable plastic. It will be made of this because it will still be fulfilling its purpose and will be useful as the stand will be light in weight. Production methods: It will be produced by machines because it will be a quick and easy process.

This is so that if another batch of the product were to be ordered by a company it will be a quick production and a quick dispatch. User requirements: A vortices design. This design will be eye catching to the public. Ergonomic considerations: The product is user friendly as it has no hazardous parts being used. This is taken into consideration because this fact will help persuade an engineer to buy this product and for health and safety reasons. Anthropometric considerations: This product considers the use of this tablet in an engineer’s workplace so because the tablet is specifically aimed at engineers Cost: This is

The cost will be 40% more than the total cost of the materials. This is the price as it is at a reasonable pricing. Weight and Size: The size will be the fit for the proportion of the tablet it is designed for. This is for portability and so that the tablet is a tight fit and will not be too loose. Quality: The product will conform to international standards. This is so that the computer tablet stand will be used worldwide by engineers. Safety: The product will conform to the relevant safety standards. This is so that the engineer knows that the production of this tablet stand is not hazardous. Scale of production:

The production will be done by machines in factories. This is so that the product can be produced and dispatched in large amounts. Timescale: The machine will take up to 5 minutes when producing a batch. This timescale allows a quick dispatch. Maintenance: Parts will be available to purchase on the market . This is so that if any parts become worn replacements will be available. Reliability: The product will last from 2-4 years. This durability is key for an engineer’s work . Sustainability: The product will be made of recyclable materials. This will help the approval of some engineers as some may try to use more recyclable objects.