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Design Strategies - Essay Example

There is a very wide range of strategies used by designers when they are redesigning a product. In the broadest sense strategy is a plan for how to achieve a goal. In business, strategy bridges the gap between policy and tactics. Strategy Is what a company develops to differentiate itself from competitors actual or predicted moves. Fishbone A fishbone diagram can also be called an Chickasaws, herringbone and cause-and-effect diagram and is used to lay out someone’s thoughts or ideas about re-designing.

The fishbone is used as a design strategy when redesigning a product. Strategic Design Strategic design applies some of the principles of traditional design to many things that need redesigning including systemic challenges like health care, education, and climate change. This design works best when design Is Integrated into organizations which creates new opportunities for designers with a strategic aptitude to migrate from studios to integrated positions.

Venn Diagram A Venn diagram or set diagram Is a diagram hat shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets. Venn diagrams were conceived around 1880 by John Venn. They are used to teach elementary set theory, as well as illustrate simple set relationships In probability, logic, Venn diagrams are very useful for design strategies because it can be used to easily sort and reorganize ideas.