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Design Your own Experiment - Essay Example

Lesson organizer use this document to help you design your experiment about one of the scenarios from the activity. Copy and paste the template then Insert your information for each of the steps of the scientific method. Scenario Topic: Animals In Captivity Problem (2 points) Research Hypothesis (4 points) Why are dolphins that live In captivity not living as long as dolphins In the wild? Lollop life spans in the wild dolphin life spans in captivity NY studies already done on dolphins In captivity any dolphin experts and their opinions on dolphins In captivity common health problems of captive dolphins common health problems of wild dolphins If dolphins are allowed to live in the wild, then they will live longer than dolphins that live in captivity. Procedure (4 Points) 2. 3. 5. 6. Analysis Conclusion Because dolphins usually live for at least forty years, it would be impractical to study dolphins for their whole lives to see how long they live in captivity or in the wild.

For this reason, studying existing data would be the best way to determine the effects of captivity on the life span of dolphins. The first step would be to collect all possible data about the life spans of their dolphins from Swearword or other places that keep dolphins captive. Swearword is usually very protective over their data because they do not want people to think that their animals are being harmed, so it could be very difficult to obtain data from them.

It might be easier to go to several places in cruise ports like Comely, Grand Cayman, and Montage Bay and obtain data from small dolphin companies there, since they do not have a reputation that they have to keep up. After data has been collected about the life spans of dolphins in captivity, I would have to find a scientist who has been studying wild dolphins and has collected data on their life spans. It would be ideal to find several scientists and get data from all of them , so that the results are accurate.

Once all data on the dolphins has been collected, compare the average lifespan of lid dolphins to the average lifespan of captive dolphins. Average life span of dolphins in captivity Average life span of dolphins in the wild My results supported my hypothesis. The average dolphin in the wild can live for more than forty or fifty years, but a dolphin born in captivity will typically only live for four years.