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Designer babies - Essay Example

Wouldn’t you love for your baby to grow up six feet tall, to have blue eyes, blonde hair and be athletic, or any way you choose them to be? Well when people think of designer babies, they think of how great It would be to choose how your baby will look and choose their personality for them but there Is more to It. Genetically modified babies should not be allowed because It will create drastic changes for the future and It will cause much grief to parents that will not get the results that they hoped for.

X At the moment the world has the wealthy, middle class, and the poor ND designer babies and non-designer babies will elaborate on the social stratification. This will create “classes” between designer babies and non-designer babies. Non designer babies will encounter prejudice, not for their race but for their inferior genetic makeup. They will lose opportunities based on a chance that their defective genes will be exposed and Jobs among other things are more likely to take the “optimum” candidate for something.

The procedure Is not cheap and not everyone will be able to afford it. Parents undergo gene therapy to help repair imaged or replace mammals genes to their baby who will have a genetic disorder such as Down Syndrome, Alchemist’s, Huntington Disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and many more. But the use of advanced fertility technology Is beginning to be abused from helping your child, to constructing your baby’s looks to personality.

Either way both procedures would have to go through the same process of replacing and abstracting cells or people do not understand the serious risks involved. The process is very risky and not a hundred percent safe, if it is not done carefully there’s a chance of the embryo being terminated. It is still under investigation of the long term effects of this procedure, whether it will cause difficulties later on through out the babies family tree.

Another safety concern often brought up involves the fact that most genes have more than one effect for example in the late offs, scientists discovered a gene linking to memory. Modifying that gene In mice improved its learning and memory capabilities but It also caused Increased sensitivity to pain which Is not an enticing trait. Choosing a certain gene may turn Off different gene or enhance another, parents will not know what to expect.