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Role of Vocabulary Vocabulary defines the meaning of data Changes data to information through instantiation of semantic rules It is the “Human readable” value a user sees Allows for interstates interoperability by creating a single semantic interpretation of the message payload ; Required for o data translation o data aggregation ; Is probably the single most important component for interoperability TerminologyNocabulary – A Crucial Requirement Without having TerminologyNocabulary Standards… Health insurance data is non-comparable – Aggregation is difficult if not impossible – Healthcare and Health Insurance Systems cannot semantically interchange data – Secondary use of data (for example research or risk management) are not possible Creating and utilizing linkage to decision support resources is not possible Including Dental and Optical Mandated for use by CHI, CSS, MOM ACIDIC-AM International Classification for Diseases – Australian Modification Provides accurate information and greater efficiency in claims submission Accurate information and greater Reduces claim rejection rates by adding clarity and removing ambiguity in terms Procedures Companion coding system to the ACIDIC-AM used for Diagnosis coding EACH Structured by body system, site and procedure type Australian Codes for Health Interventions Provides a common accepted terminology Includes codes and concepts for dentistry, imaging and allied health interventions Laboratory Test and Results Will reduce ambiguity in understanding the laboratory information/data LOIN Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes Stakeholders will only be required to maintain one coding system for laboratory related activities Improve communication between the healthcare provider and health insurance delivery networks Over 70,000 observation terms that can be accessed and understood universally Measurements

Provides a distinct coding system for “units” that is comprehensive and complete SCUM Unified Codes for Units of Measure Free of all vagueness or ambiguity semantic Implantable in all health care service domains Pharmaceutical Drugs/Medications Provides a unique identifier for over 6,000 medications SEED Drug Registration Code Includes generic, biological, and over the counter (ETC) drugs Registration codes available as downloaded Excel spreadsheet from SFA website Messaging ANSI-accredited standards developing organization (SOD) HAL Health Level 7 related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information that supports clinical practice and the management, delivery, evaluation and payment of health services.