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Fashion Designer - Essay Example

I have, and I show it every chance that I get, and you should too! I was born Shimmies Lane Alexander, On April 13,1998. Which was by that time, on a Monday. And as my Mom would say for eternity; “l have been raising her for fourteen years, and she has been nothing but trouble ever since. ” But, growing up as the only child might seem a little bit miserable and lonely, from someone that’s outside, looking in. But for me it was totally different, as the only child I learned owe to play and be alone, but I always enjoyed my solitude, It’s something that keeps myself sane from within.

And somehow, that branched out to being creative. Living with my single-parent mother, who goes by the name Christina S. Alexander, wasn’t as hard as people make it out to be(by being an single mother, and all), People automatically think a single-parent, especially a mother, can’t handle both roles of a parent. But my mother can, and she does it very well. But the most difficult problem for me, and it’s something that I’m still dealing with, is dealing with Chicago violence ND dangerous neighborhoods’ growing up. But things were pretty “breezy” when I was a child, I guess you could say.

The reason for this, was because I was somehow a more “privileged” child, I didn’t had to ask for anything, because I had mostly everything, but don’t get it confused, I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon nor platter. I had to acknowledge that I couldn’t get everything whenever I wanted it. I had to be patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. That somehow resulted in keeping myself sane, humble and down-to earth. As I would go to school, a lot of different searchers would compliment on such creative skills I had, from which I still remember; “Shimmies has great creative skills, and she plays very well on her own,” Mrs..

West would say. ” Shimmies is one of my best students, and she is so sweet and VERY creative. ” ” If I could clone a her, I would. ” Mr.. Weinstein had said. Mind you, Mr.. Weinstein was always my favorite and best teacher, and obviously I was his favorite student. (And yes, I’m a teacher’s pet… ) Developing and becoming more off girl, my way of fashion for others than myself were of course, my useful Barbie dolls. Such as, sing bubble gum wraps or aluminum foil for their boots, maybe sometimes their clothing, but mostly their boots.

At that time I was only six-years old, so I at that time, I didn’t know Barbie dolls had clothes. But soon as I found out, was the day I started to buy clothes for my dollies at Smart. But after a short period of time, I went back to my bubble gum wraps, because since it was so original for me, I couldn’t Just kick it to the curb and start something new. And if I was going to start something new, I was going to start it from scratch, meaning it has to be original and from me personally. Therefore, meant no more stops from Smart for Barbie doll clothes!

Trying to be more creative, and trying to think of ways for my homemade (Aluminum Foil) clothing to stay put, the only thing I could think of were staplers, glue and tape. And coming to find out, those options really worked for me and it really helped and improved my creativity! I was only twelve when I “Invented” this idea of mine, so mind you, I didn’t know much about sewing, sewing machines, threads or patterns. So I used glue sticks, washable glue, tape and staplers, like my life depended on it! I just had to make sure I didn’t waste it all!

Mind you, until this day, I still don’t know how to sew, nor do I even know how to work a sewing machine, (Maybe, because I am afraid of hurting myself? ) But I did learn how to sketch clothing, so I guess that was an start. To the age I am now (which is fourteen), I have fully acknowledged how creative and imaginative and somewhat dreamy my fashion skills up until now. Then again, I have always been creative in so many ways more than one. Now I have come to realize that, maybe I should pursue a career in Fashion Design.

I had always had a dream of becoming the top fashion designers as of today. If I could pursue this as a life-long job, If I could pick in life-long Job that I see myself doing in the next five years, Fashion Designing would be and is one of them. Therefore, step aside Alexander Macaque, Here comes the REAL Fashions! He! Just Kidding). Unique and Original. These two words are what describes my fashion, persona, and of course, style. From what learned throughout my fashion-inspired life, is that style is a way of saying who you are without having to explain nor speak.

But then again, people shouldn’t Judge you based on the way you dress, say for instance, if I dress like a clown, does that automatically make me a clown, No; It shouldn’t. They way that I dress, shouldn’t define who I am as person and human being. Don’t mistaken the way that I dress for my whole personality and attitude. Don’t mix between my personality and my attitude because my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU. So, take my advice, and don’t Judge the book by its cover. There is a lot of things that I have learned throughout this unit. I have learned about,

Autobiographies, Memoirs, and Research altogether. I learned about showing language, dialogue, verb tenses, pronouns and so much more. While writing these drafts, I took something from each one of them. I learned that memoirs is really all about going into details, and Just showing language and having a vivid descriptive language. I also learned some pointers from research, like, I learned so many things about the day I was born and the sudden history going around me. I also learned that autobiographies is Just something about you, your character, and your personality.

Technically, it’s a tell-all about you and your life experiences, what you learned from those experiences, and what that has to do with the person you are today. Especially when I wrote my autobiography, I looked at my future as a designer of fashion in whole other perspective and take more seriously, and that’s the whole purpose of having an autobiography, it makes you reflect on the goals and achievements that you plan to achieve and the goals and achievements that you have already achieved, but whatever you plan to do, says a lot about you character and who you really are inside.