Fluid dynamics - Essay Example

I can be no exception and would like to express my deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart towards all those who helped me in completion of this dissertation. I pay my deep sense of gratitude and profound thanks to esteemed personality Mr.. FINAL PATELLA, assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, SPLIT, Sugar, for providing me immense invaluable guidance, co-operation and his constant support. Further I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers and non-teaching staff for their constant encouragement and also would like to specially my Parents for moral support they provided

Last but not the least, I humble thanks The God Almighty for every success in my life. (Roll NO. -PI UTMOST) ABSTRACT This dissertation preliminary presents structure and capabilities of new integrated environment for axial compressors preliminary design in Stream. The environment makes possible to find number of different designs with inverse task solver, basing on initially specified boundary conditions, closing conditions and design variables. Design space explorer provides easy and visual comparison for range of obtained design in customizable coordinate axes.

Solution filtering on different parameters, such as number of stages, meridian and axial dimensions, maximal blades weight, saving the time to choose from thousands obtained solutions the only one right design. After preliminary design also design flow and calculate all parameter in flow path with help of stream line solver and optimism. Blade twisting was also investigation with help of experimental calculation in Stream and optimization twist factor. Also presents velocity triangles, enthalpy-entropy diagram and mass flow rate leakages.