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The gamer will need to use their strategic skills and mind games to defeat their opponent and forcing them off the track to gain an advantage ND create opportunities they can use to win the game. The game will have different levels ranging from beginner to world class. The game will feature stages the gamer can unlock by winning racing and collecting coins along the way. The game is designed to be played on console to give the gamer a better experience and have better visuals on the game which is an advantage and they can also go online tom play against rivals from different places.

Genre, the genre of my game will be a combination of two genres, to give the gamer the best of both worlds which will be port genre and racing genre. Features, soccer cars will feature different cars to choose from, from high performance cars such as the Lampooning and the Bugaboo and will include different footballs to choose from such as the official world cup ball. My game will be AD to give the gamer the feel of being in the game, it will be single player with the option to also play multilayer.

There would be audio and visual feedback to guide the gamer of what to do and where to go in order to win the race. There will be leader boards to show scores and show who is leading the ranks and also my game will the gamer to play their own music if they wish to and talk to their opponent online using a headset. Platform, the platform for my game will be console as it will be easier to play on a console as the gamer will take total control over the whole game and according to my research that I did gamers are likely to purchase games on console.

Intended audience, as this is a new game my target audience will be between casual and simulation so that hard-core gamers will find a way to really enjoy the game, but also want to make sure to welcome newcomers to the racing/ sports genre. It’s a game in that you have people who love racing and others who love sports hence the target audience will also include both male and female. It will also be targeted at console owners as this is the main platform for the game.

Language, the language for the game will be English by default but if the gamer decides to change the language they can simply change it in the setting s to the language they prefer. Sound consideration, Core game mechanics Single/multilayer, this game will have both single and multilayer, this is because it will give the user a chance to challenge others and showcase their skills. The player will only be able to control their car so as to make the game fair and have a fair race between users.

In single player situations the player can play against the computer car or if they wish they can race against the clock to see if they will make it to the finish line in time and set new records. In cases of multilayer players can play online or offline the choice is theirs to make. General movement, the movement of the cars in the game are limited and the user can accelerate, brake, change gears, turn left and right and also can Jump as there will be obstacle during the race. The movement made will be up to which buttons the user presses on the controller of the console. ght1430683JlJMP JUMP Control summary, These are the controls that are going to be used for this game and if the user does not feel comfortable with these they can switch them to their personal preference in the controller section in settings. Initial set up, when starting the game for the first time a video introducing the gamer to the game will play, this will information about the game itself, what to expect and so on. After the video finishes the player will have trial run to familiarize themselves with the game and the controls.

After the trial run the user will be taken to the main menu where all the fun begins and they can personalize their profile including their car they start with and the game begins. Territories (environment), the environment of this game will be real life racing, I have done this so as to excite the user of the game. All the racing tracks and cars included are real life tracks and objects to enhance the excitement of the game itself and also as many of the users might be real life racing fans and will know the track well as hey might have visited the track beforehand and give them a head start to their opponents.

Health, Challenges, this game consists of many challenges which have to be completed by the user to win the race, these are, collecting coins along the way, finding the hidden coins for double points and lastly getting the ball to the finish line to win the race. Because there is also trial time race the user will have to race to the finish line within the time given or they will not complete the task. The user will also need an eye for details that would be shown on their screen as they might need to change gear, look t the map to see where things are or to see how far or behind they are from their opponent.

The challenges will vary depending on what level the user is playing as they will be easier on beginner but will get harder as the levels go up all the way to world class. Scoring system, the scoring system will work when the user collects coins and every coin is worth XII and when the player collects the double coins they will get twice as much but the bonus score is given to the race winner, the runner up and third place position only and it will be classed as cash, the money will be given as allowed.

Position Points 1st 5000 2nd 2500 3rd 1500 Stage progression, depending on the type of race the player wants to play they can choose from career mode or Just race if the player picks the career mode they will have to go through 5 levels which are: Beginner Amateur Semi-pro Professional World class After the player has completed all the levels and collected all the coins and unlocked all the tracks and cars they would have completed the career mode but can always play online against new competitor’s every time. 042920124396500-313671127979000covert adverts, just like real life racing impasses can advertise their businesses on the cars as shown below and also there will be billboards on which companies can also advertise themselves. This will be benefiting both ends the company and me. More adverts will be seen when the game is loading and these will more likely to be big companies such as Monster advertising their energy drinks.

Covert advertisement will be seen during the whole race as the whole track will have logos of different companies with their posters and messages on them. 35476121330700Failure states trigger, my game will include failure states trigger. For certain races during the career mode if you fail to adhere with the task you will have to restart the race or if you wish to if you have passed any check points you can start from there although this will cost you coins to do. This mode does not work when playing “Just race” mode it only works on career mode. Fete 9973700 Win/lose screen statistics, win/lose statistics will be shown at the end of every race in visual feedback the reason for this being that if the player wants to see all the information they will have all the time they need to do so. The information will be resented with the player’s name, how many coins they collected, penalties, total and will be in order from first to last with how much they have earned from the race. An example is shown on the left side..

Flowchart Narrative/storyline Characters Main character, in this game the main character will be the player himself, they will be able to control their car and everything else surrounding them including car settings, audio settings and gamely settings. The main character car will be a black ford mustang with monster covert advertisement, the car will include special features hat the player can access by using their coins to purchase them. The character car will be the 3rd fastest car in the game after the Lampooning and the Bugaboo.

In order to keep the car in top shape the player will have to service then car on a regular basis as if the car is not serviced it will not go as quick. The car will also have its own football and this will come as a package and if the player wishes to they can customize the car to their personal preference. This character car is based on the research I carried out on the best muscle cars for racing on track and will be the car o win the races. NP, the NP which is non-player character will be a ghost car also known as the computer player.