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How to Design Custom Sneaker Essay - Essay Example

How to design your own one of a kind pair of sneakers The art of designing sneakers Is a lot less difficult than some may think. The key to designing your sneaker properly is following the proper steps in order, while taking your time. First you need to come up with the Galloway you would like to choose for your sneaker, and then you should get all your supplies ready to begin your work. Once you have your supplies the most important step in designing your own one of a kind sneaker Is the prep work that goes along with the Job.

Once the prep work Is all finished you are now able to grab your supplies and start to design your sneaker making sure you use all the proper painting techniques to ensure your sneaker Is finished in high quality. Once your sneaker is completed you will be amazed at how easy it is to design a custom one of a kind sneaker for yourself by Just following the quick easy steps provided. In order to design your own pair of sneakers properly you will first need to obtain all the important supplies to do so. The supplies are easy to et as they can be found In most paint & supplies stores such as: Michaels, Wall-Mart, Home Depot, etc.

The supplies list Is short, consisting of:acetone, cotton balls, painting tape, paint, and paint brushes. Once you have all the supplies needed you must come up with the Galloway/design you would like to create on your template(sneakers). Now that you have came up with the design that you wish to create, it is now time to start the process of preparing the sneaker. The preparation that goes along with creating and designing sneakers is meticulous and time misusing, however pays off If done correctly, which is evident when the sneakers are finished.

First you must grab your acetone along with your cotton balls, and begin to use little drops of acetone on the cotton balls, in which you will be rubbing against the pre-existing paint on the sneakers. This is done in order to properly achieve taking the paint off so that you can re-apply your new colors of paint to the sneakers. Once you have removed the pre-existing paint from the pair of sneakers you’re signing, It’s now time to start taping off the section which you’ll be painting. Tape Is used as a precaution to stop paint from dripping onto other sections which you may want a different color.

After you have completed the prep work now the fun begins, which is the painting of the sneaker. Painting sneakers is just like painting anything else, you must take your time, and use the proper painting techniques. The correct painting technique is to get a small blob of paint on your brush and dab it on the section in which you would like to paint. Once the paint if dropped on the section its not time to spread and distribute the paint evenly by using a back and forth motion moving your brush In the same direction. Painting techniques aren’t all about how you paint your sneaker, but what you use to do so.

The best painting technique is making sure you’re using the correct supplies on the right materials. The best paint to use for this is called: Angelus Paint, which can be used on many surfaces including patent leather, leather, unbuckle. Mesh, animal skin, and many others. The best quinine to creating a high quality sneaker is knowing what paints go on which materials, because If you use regular Angelus paint on a material such as suede or design you must know all the little details such as knowing you must use suede dye on materials such as suede, animal fur, soft delicate materials, etc.

The main key to designing a great pair of sneakers is by following the steps provided, and using the correct supplies. However this alone will not achieve you a great sneaker, you must be meticulous in your works, taking your time, and you will end up with a high quality maker, which is a one of a kind pair of sneakers created Just for you. There is a whole culture now of sneaker collectors and enthusiasts, which is making the market for sneakers more and more vast.

Though the sneaker market is growing, so are the prices on sneakers, especially the rare Galloway sneakers, making the market for designing and customizing sneakers to grow as well. This market for custom made sneakers will surely grow because it gives the consumer the ability to create rare and unreleased clearways of their favorite pair of sneakers.