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Industrial gas fired steam boiler design - Essay Example

Industrial gas fired steam boiler design Industrial gas fired steam boiler outlook is same with oil fired boiler. They have some same features as below: Fuel gas boiler is unlike coal-fired boiler, It will need to use burner to Inject fuel Into boiler furnace. Gas fired boiler take burning chamber without using grate. As the combustion of fuel gas boiler does not produce ash and slab, so this kind of boiler can be operated without sludge discharge faceless. If OLL spraying Into furnace mixed with alarm In a certain range or go out, It would be easy to explode.

So the fuel gas boiler always take automatic burning and control systems. The structure of fuel gas boiler Is compact, about small boiler, ventilation, water supply, control and auxiliary equipment are all set In a chassis. Large and medium-sized also can be assembled at factory. Main pressure parts and connect ways are mentioned below: 1 . The mall pressure parts of fire tube boiler: boiler shell, tube plate, furnace, smoke tube: 2. The main pressure parts of water tube boiler: steam drum, water wall, boiler tube bundle, coil, header: 3.

The connection ways of fuel gas boiler main pressure parts: mainly for welding, some parts also can be expanded joint; Combustion characteristics of gas fired boilers: Burning high calorific value of gas will need a large amount of air, to make gas fully burning requires to mix with lots of air. There are no fuel atomization and gasification process in the gas combustion process. The way of mixing with air and gas has great influence on the strength of the combustion, flame length and flame temperature. According to different mixing mode, fuel gas combustion method can e divided into three types: 1 .

Diffusion combustion: the combustion method is not mixed in advance, gas and air will take a diffusion in the gas Jet and burn. Its advantages are burn stability and burner structure simple, but the flame is to long and prone to incomplete combustion to make heating area carbide. 2. Take combustion premixed part air:The combustion mode is that mix some air with gas in advance before burning( an excess air coefficient between 0. 2-0. 8). The advantages are burning flame clear, burning reinforcement, high thermal efficiency.

But the combustion is in-stable and higher requirement for primary air and burning Ingredients. Gas burner generally use the combustion mode. 3. Flame-less combustion:The combustion mode require alarm and gas mixing before burning. The once excess air coefficient Is equal to the fuel combustion alarm surplus coefficient, It does not need to get oxygen from the surrounding alarm In the process of combustion.