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Information System Analysis, Design, and Data Gathering - Essay Example

This chapter contains the related literature and studies about the developed system. A computer device is very essential to anyone today because of the main concern of the people and society in the present technology. Computers have made work in almost all companies, offices, and firm, more formal and accurate. It is helpful in system processing and manipulating data for public and private sectors, small and large business enterprise and social institutions.

Related Literature Foreign “Information system analysis and design Is a complex, challenging and automating process that team of business and system professionals use to develop and malting computer-based system. Although an advance design of Information system Is driven from an organizational perspective. Information system analysis and design Is therefore an organizational Improvement process.

Systems are built and rebuilt for organizational benefits,” 1 just like the system that the researcher are proposing, it was designed and developed by the team of analyst with the help of management from the organization under study, and it was intended to offer several benefits to the research locale of the study. The business and operation support function is the most basic. It involves collecting, recording, storing, and basic processing of data. Information system support business process and operations by collecting, recording, storing and processing data into useful information”. According to Rob Killing, “since the computer was made in late ass’s, technology has been developed extremely. Computers, which took the place of living room, then are not being made In credit cards format. More and more areas are being taken by over computers. As computers are capable of handling data a very worth time, they are well word processing”. 3 He also added that “computerizing has changed everything with more convenient storage of data and societies have been benefited the ease of accessing information”. Draft supported this idea by starting that “a term computer that suggests its primary purpose is to form mathematical calculations to compute in the usual sense of word. On the other hand, mechanical aid to make difficult, tedious or dangerous task easier in the universal human response”. 5 Computers will indeed invent to help us in doing tedious tasks. By atomizing such task, works become less a burden, accuracy Is Increased and so is efficiency. Ralph M. Stair (1999) emphasized that the development of technology through the years have enabled us to do more with less effort.

From the orientation of the light bulb to the industrial revolution and beyond, we have continuously tried to in a more computers vary from person to person. Some of the computers in business are to perform accuracy, to be as productivity, to decrease bottle necks or hassles to alter cash flows or to simples elevate your status. Discos (2001) stated that computer assists careful intelligent planning, organizing, actuating and controlling . This maybe observed from the past that they monitor production activities, solve scientific problem and help arrive in tentative answer to a multitude of involve conditions.

Local The use of computers in the Philippines is not new. It has been around for many years now. According to Kier S. Costa, “when the year of automation involved in our country, different technology came and invented, one of which is the evolution of computers. Nowadays, the uses of computers are popular and known in Philippine schools, offices, business establishments. Computers today do a great variety of tasks such as text processing and handling hug and quantities of data.

It’s common knowledge of each and everyone, Just a click on a mouse or a few key strokes makes a retrieval and searches information easier and quicker no more tedious information”. 6 “Data and information are gathered in so many ways. According to some research, data gathered and some information, formulating problem design which is easy to manipulate even by those who are not too initiated in the electronic communication world would reduce the task of the personnel in charge”. 7 The proposed system has been designed in such a way that it would be very easy to use even by someone who has not received any formal IT training.

Its interface is very user- friendly, wherein all the buttons are labeled with corresponding functions so as not to confuse the system user. Computers provide an incredible range of service in our society. Computer technology can improve our material being. Ralph M. Stair, Jar. , and an important key of process inventory control studied one of the noted works on computer employment. Great studies have been made in developing cost-effective packages that allow automatic recording, forecasting customer, ordering, and automatic enervation shop document manufacturing schedule, resource requirement and plans.

This is said to be related in the sense that problems that are discussed here are to that of the main topic. Rexes (2005) task would be time consuming to accomplish manually and more practical with the aid of computers field in cabinet. Jeans (2001) stated that computers are extremely reliable device and very powerful calculators with some great accessories applications like word processing problem for all of business activities, regardless of size, computers have three advantages over other type of office equipment that process information because imputer are faster, more accurate more economical.

Related Studies According to Andrew Cone on his article “Online Reservation System” on the websites centralizes. Com, online reservation system was initially developed in the sass’s to help the airlines manage their ticket transactions but later even the travel LLC Pc Net Sales ; Services is owned by Mr.. Leo Boondoggling. It is established on April 2010. It is the first company that he built in order to apply his knowledge and skills in his past schooling, together with his friends as employee. And it is located at 2nd floor L. Boondoggling Commercial Complex # 2 Racial Street Publication Candelabra, Guenon.

Their products are such peripherals. And in the ground floor they have Louis and Nathalie Computer Shop. Lots of T-shirt brands and Clothing Companies have been supporting many kinds of sports since people can remember. In this modern era, more and more teens and adults have been involved in new kinds of sports like BMW riding and Skateboarding. On the popularity of these sports, many T-shirt brands are inspired to create new design related to these sports. Backlog City has plenty of BMW riders and Skateboarders but lack of support.

Until young local artist decided to make their own T-shirt designs that fit to BMW and Skateboard lifestyle. One of these local T-shirt brands is Splurge Tee, which dedicates itself to support the local scene of BMW and Skateboarding. New to the industry, the newly formed T-shirt Brand found difficulties to promote its product and to gain acceptance to the public. Marketing and mail order processing system for manufacturers of luxury furniture. The system allows Thomas Lloyd sales staff to process enquiries and enter orders placed through mail/phone communications.

The Post Code is used to generate the main address ATA automatically. The system provides facilities to co-ordinate the delivery of completed orders and handle aftercare enquiries. A powerful set of system reports allows management to observe performance trends and prepare production schedules. A maillots module can create target maillots directed to customers or enquirers who have received the brochure but are yet to order. According to Kevin Pugh, as our people become faster and more familiar with the operations, information inputs and processing becomes faster and more accurate, the efficiency of work processes increases.

We have already achieved a absentia reduction in work volumes. As a result of improvements, we are able to keep of truck of changes in the status of operation at various bases real time, we also analyzed sales information quickly and accurately, and can give appropriate instruction based on these analysis. Ultimately, our goal is to create accountability for the budgeting process at the division and development manager level, financial accountability and sales analysis will extend beyond the department managers to many more user who will required such readily available information to run their businesses.

Sales data from sales offices was first tabulated and then input as financial data, so their was always a time lag in getting back to the sales bases with information that incorporated a financial element. As for financing, were to keep truck of financial statement in real time, and this has led to reductions in the time required to calculate monthly closing. This is real advantage from the perspective of our management meetings. We look forward to seeing even further increases in work efficiency, as errors decrease and the accuracy of information grows.

Company decision-makers about the planning and budgeting. Of course we wanted to reduce customization as much as possible when the system was installed, but there were a number of unavoidable issues in the context of operations with regards to providing entire industry, and in-house work processes particular those related to individual deletion of recovery schedules when payments were received. Allows add-on items to be appended with related ease, and there is a standard function to accommodate individual deletions an payment.

This proper proposes the implementation of an developer training programs sales model is compared to models of change which loosely represent the implementation process. The sales training program is adapted to the environment of the IS developer and recommendation and training model for developer and uses interactions based on techniques borrowed from sales models and today sales training programs for IS developers it is obvious that the skill required for the IS developer as the manager of change goes well beyond the technical.

Just a few years ago paper works dated reports, manually completed and telephone tag were the morn in the business world. Today we are making a transaction to an information society. Corporation developed activity manage footwear use to define to sales activity process and help to achieve the activities needed to move their prospect from one step to the next. Using the computer in the business speeds up the transactions. Data are displayed at the convenience of the end user. Records can be updated immediately or as often as the end user warrants it. A computer is also considered to be good storing and filling systems.

Files are not best or misplaced unless the end user deletes them. The retrieval and storing of files is done in seconds no files are scattered around the office or in any other place in the office. The use of advantage information technology subjected so far by the use of internet websites. The internet is an important part of most people’s lives. They use it to communicate research information and conduct daily tasks. They also depend upon it for scheduling appointments and online reservation system which gives competitive advantage to other with same establishment.

Sales information processing becomes faster and more accurate the efficiency of workers processing increases. Information Management operations after the installation was complete sales information management which essential to improving the quality of services for customers. Workers are beginning to think of ways to think of ways to improve operation and increase efficiency with new system. The Information System must be coordinate and share resources to provide services to the companies’ nationwide clients and customers. In the business must be server to handle large amount of data and analysis to get the Job done.

The ordinary house of business in process of production, or to be currently consumed in the production of goods services for customers. The Department of Trade and Industry (EDIT) also acquired MODEM Modulation-Demodulation) equipment from the Regional Development Council funds allocated in the same year. The purpose of these pieces of equipment is to facilitate faster and effective of information exchange to and from cities, provinces and offices within EDIT Region VI’. However, because of deficient orientation and training to local users, these pieces of equipment are not properly utilized.

The executive while the modem equipment are not properly utilized. The computer units are presently used for word processing by the staff of the local chief executive while the modem equipment is left idle at the radio operation’s station. The absence of technical personnel capable of troubleshooting or repairing the equipment added to the problem at the local level. The information system that was installed was very important to the staff; the network and corresponding information system were seldom utilized because of the limits accessibility to the information and application software.

Avon Cosmetics Inc, founded by David H. McConnell since 1886. The world’s largest direct seller of cosmetics and beauty-related items, is busy building a global brand and enticing younger customers (while retaining its core base of middle-age errs). Direct selling remains the firm’s “modus operandi”, but sales also come from catalogs, mall kiosks, a day spa (Avon Salon and Spa in New York), and a website. Its products include cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, Jewelry, apparel and home furnishing. Avon has signed approximately 5. Million independent representatives. Avon has been building bonds with women, offering them a dynamic earnings opportunity to achieve economic independence, accomplish their financial goals and transform their lives. The oldest beauty company in the United States, Avon Products, Inc. As grown from a modest line of perform sold door to one of the world’s leading brand of cosmetics. It manufactures and sells cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, jewelry, apparel, and various decorative home furnishings. “It is nearly impossible to overemphasized the importance of keeping inventory levels under control,” Ronald Poacher wrote in an article for III Solutions. ‘Whether the problems incurred are caused by carrying too little or too much inventory, manufactures need to became aware that inventory control is not Just a materials management or warehouse department issue. The purchasing, receiving, engineering, manufacturing and accounting departments all contribute to the accuracy of the inventory methods and records. It is little wonder that business experts commonly cite inventory management as vital element that can spell the difference between success and failure in today’s keenly competitive business world. Writing in production and inventory management Journal, Godwin Dud described telecommunications technology as a critical organizational asset that can help a company realize important competitive gains in the area of inventory management. According to Dud, companies that make good use of this technology is far better equipped to succeed that those who rely on outdated or unwieldy methods of inventory control.

Automation can dramatically affect all phases of inventory management, including counting and monitoring inventory items; recording and retrieval of item storage locations; recording changes to inventory; and anticipating inventory needs, including inventory handling requirements. This is true even of stand-alone systems that are not integrated with other areas of the business. But any analysis indicate that productivity and hence profitability gains that are garnered through use of automated systems can be increased when a business integrates its inventory control systems with other systems. In the study of Nor (1996), she quoted from an article entitled handles complex applications with millions and billions of character enabling the users to retrieve and store any kind of information directly in less than a second. Thus, a wide range of users could be stored as well as provide ease in terms speed, capacity, reliability, and usefulness of displaying the data and providing a printed output of information that that is easier to use and more adaptable to specific needs.

In Metro Manila, De Leon in his study “Bank Computerizing: A Legacy’ stated that there was an urgent call to computerized all banks information systems for facilitative services and accurate flow of all pertaining to bank operations. The fast pace of development in the world of automation demands a strategic planning towards the development of efficient information system. For the reason, the development of MIS will require the integration of its various information needs into efficient and reliable computer facilities.