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Introduction to Circuit Designing - Essay Example

This activity aims to add knowledge to the members of SEES-SPICE by introducing new idea in the field of electronics. Planning Stage: * Brain Storming and Exchange of ideas. * Task Designation for each Executive and Committee head * Preparation of Budget proposal. * Venue Reservation (Engineering Briefing Room) * Preparation of the materials needed. * Posters that will announce the activity were posted in the bulletin outside the SEES-SPICE office. Task Distribution: A. Head of the project * Darryl C. Haunt B.

Securing Participants * Membership Committee C. Finances * Mary Rose Dimly D. Venue reservation * Research and Development Committee E. Coordinator * Academic Committee F. Documentation * Regina Marie Comics Implementing Stage: Participants are required to be on the venue as early as 1 in the afternoon for the assembly of the activity. 30 minutes will be enough for the participants to organize themselves in the venue and for the speaker to prepare his presentation. Another 30 minutes will be allotted to the briefing for the activity.

After the tutorial, an open forum will be conducted for question and answers portion, correction and appeals regarding the topic. The CE Laboratory 1 & 2 will be needed for the venue of the tutorial. LCD Projector will be needed for the presentation. Registration per student Pl 50. 00 Breakdown/Expenses per student Tutorial Components to be used P 105. 00 Certificate Food/Snack TOTAL P 15. 00 P 30. 00 The estimated total amount of expenses will be deducted from the registration of every participant.

Evaluation is an integral part in the implementation of a certain program. It is an important mechanism that will provide the organizers pertinent information about the success of the activity. It will also provide important information about the impact f the program on the participants and an indication in as far as the attainment of the objectives of the program is concerned and to illicit ways to improve the handling and implementation of this activity in the near future.