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Menu Planning Design - Essay Example

Sonoma and Nap valley gently have plant roots from the most famous vineyards of France, and they produce excellent Californian quality wines. This operation must be placed in the category of commercial foddering Business as an Ethnic Restaurant, which is based on the Italian traditional food (Pizza, Paste, etc. ). This type of restaurants usually provides upscale services, the staff both front and back of the house would be expected to have a good level of skills. The price range is moderate, about $30-50 each for a good meal, which is enough to satisfy your appetite, and the target market is: Family, young couples, Tourists,

Social groups, Local residents, Business people, Shop owners. Children, Elderly people, over 30 years, Middle aged. Many of the ingredients used in the food production, they are incorporated with the items on the menu, for example in the ;Frito Mists” the chef using shrimps, and as we know the heads of the shrimps can be used to make a nice bisque stock, and use it to saute the see food in ;spaghetti Fruit did Mare”, leftover bones from the lamb and the veal, which are used in ;Risotto Melamine” and ;penne”, can also be useful as a stock and saute the ;poll all Diploma”.

One more element is the cheese, and the vegetables which can be used in almost all the dishes. According the above analysis we can assure that the menu items is keeping with the theme and image of the foddering establishment ;rationalization”, (even though they using French fries, which is only for the purpose of a kids item in the menu), and the cross-utilization of the ingredients on the menu.

This menu is enough descriptive, easy to handle and read with some art work, has a lot of nutritional values, and the prices are attractive and competitive in relation to the food and drink offered. The only disadvantage is the listing of the menu, which is a bit short, and the use of abbreviation (A. Q) confusing if there is no explanation in the footer of the menu. TAPS BRANDISH 18-20 Southward SST, London SE United Kingdom. This is a traditional Spanish Taps restaurant build in I-J, and is also in the category of commercial foddering Business as an Ethnic/Trendy-Wine/Bar restaurant. A) It is less complex than a fine dine restaurant, I could say it is more like a casual restaurant, and the staff (Front of the house) doesn’t need very special skills, though hey must be fast and accurate on completing their orders, since this business has a Target market mostly of Business people, workers, social service personnel, which they have limited time for lunch or dinner, and of course much larger target market, tourists, shoppers, locals, young couples etc. , cause of the good prices 15-35 each, and the breakfast at Friday & Saturday . B) The menu items definitely is keeping with the theme of the business “Spanish Traditional Kitchen” and some of his ingredients are used in other recipes on the menu, like Charcuterie (Cold cuts), peppers, but is limited at cross-utilization. (c) I really had a hard time to read and understand this menu, because of the terminology he uses, it’s both in Spanish and in English language, and the recipes which most of the people is not familiar especially for the sauces (Roomers sauce, Barras sauce, Bibber pepper sauce, takes more time to order), also there is no information of the business, address, email, etc. But the positive points are the prices, the wide wine list and the famous Spanish cuisine. Comparing the two menus, ;Bistro Don Jovial” and ;Brandish Taps”, I found more attractive the menu of ;Don Jovial” because it’s enough descriptive , the style of cuisine is very popular (Italian) so you can be sure for your satisfaction , the prices are logical, the menu items are in keeping with the element of rationalization and the ambiance is romantic.