Free Sample: Motivation Letter: Diploma in Fashion Design Application paper example for writing essay

Motivation Letter: Diploma in Fashion Design Application - Essay Example

My mother creates clothes models and knits a lot. My sister devises fashions jewelry: brooches, earrings, rings, pins from polymer clay and plastic. We have a small family business in the fashion industry. In the future, we plan to develop a family business to the enterprise level.

This is very beneficial, because in Ukraine fashion for both women and men is of great importance. Since childhood, I dreamed to follow the steps of my mother and become fashion designer. I was sewing clothes for dolls, staged shows for friends and made clotheshorse scrap materials. I was fond of drawing, reading books on art history, fashion magazines, watching fashion shows. I learned to sew clothes in college and in addition took private lessons. I sewed and sold clothing In order to my clients. I studied at the

Odessa of Theatre-Art School at specialty Costume Designer. I studied Art History, Drawing, Painting, Modeling and Designing clothes, Sketching, Fabric Processing Technology, and sewing equipment. Studying at Theatre-Art School In Odessa inspired me to think of Italy and especially Milan as my next step in professional education and development. Italy is the center of the world of fashion and is the birthplace of my favorite designers such as Versa, John Gilligan and artists: Leonardo dad Vinci, Michelangelo, Sandra Bottleneck.

When thinking about the school where to study in Italy, I choose the Nova Academia did Belle Art in Milan (NAB) because it is located at the heart of the fashionable capital city of Italy – Milan, where Fashion Events take place. Screenings, Exhibitions, Events will allow me plunge into the world of Fashion and Style, and keep track of all the new elements of the Fashion world, which Is very Important to our family business In the future. To prepare for studying Fashion Design at NAB I started Language Foundation Semester In NAB In 012.

This program helped me not only to Improve my English but also to learn a lot about studying fashion and sharing experience and Ideas with my colleagues. I have just finished my Language Foundation Semester and look forward to starting the main part of my education – Fashion Design at three year diploma program. I believe it will give me unique knowledge about Fashion Trends and their origins, Art History and the History of Costume, the Photography, Drawing and Painting, Marketing and Management (especially important for me).

I will meet new people in this sphere and I would like to establish business acquaintances among colleagues, and, upon graduation, to create my own Collection. This education will give me a chance to get a lot of practical knowledge and abilities for my future career and personal fulfillment. I will practice my knowledge and experience In my home country, Ukraine. I will be very grateful for an opportunity to study at this program, gain new professional skills and get experience for my future career as Fashion Designer.