Process Design Matix - Essay Example

Using this approach, the concierge service can create a system through which each account is handled by a team of service providers. For instance, if a consumer requests dog walking, house cleaning service as well as house sitting service, the concierge service would send at least 3 providers to the home. Each provider would manage one portion of the duties. The provider can choose more than 3 and break the services provided down into more sections as well. Possible indications. Though using this approach can increase quality, for this type of service, he costs by far outweigh the added benefit to the consumer.

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Self-Service Approach According to Holcomb, the self-service approach is quickly becoming the new and improved way for businesses to provide customer support. Not only does it save time and money in terms of employee labor, it also meets the consumer’s needs by giving control of his/her account or purchasing power. This approach consists of allowing the consumer to access their account and make changes. Examples of this type of approach can be found in grocery stores at self-service cash registers or with certain entertainment and business utility providers such as phone and cable service (Holcomb, 2002).

Real life application. Using this approach, the concierge service can create a system through which each client is given the ability to customize his/her accounts online. The consumer can choose what types of service, when the service should be performed as well as have the ability to pay and cancel the account online or through automated telemetries. Possible indications. This approach will significantly increase efficiency as well as consumer satisfaction; however, the face to face contact is lost. The business owners will have to find alternative methods of maintaining the consumer relationship.

Personal Attention Approach According to our text, this approach consists of face-to-face contact with the consumer. It includes developing the consumer relationship and is comparable to a farming technique used by some sales fields today Jacobs & Chase, 2011).. Real life application. The concierge service can incorporate this approach from inception by first hosting meet and greet sessions with new clients and meeting with the client on a monthly basis to perform spot checks. The service can also aerosolize the services offered by providing personal Journals and summaries after each visit.

Possible indications. Consumers may not want the personal attention. Some consumers may like the Journals and the summaries but constant communication and farming can become an annoyance. Product chosen: Whipped Goods Type of products offered: Homemade, natural and organic face, body and hair products Operational Approach Job Shop Approach According to the article, Characteristics of Job Shop Operations in Fixture Design, this approach is primarily used for small, custom order manufacturing businesses.

It consists of employing highly skilled workers that can manage projects in different areas of the assembly process (Hardcover, 1994). Real life application. This approach is somewhat ideal for this business as it is still small and considered “mom and pop”. Each employee is highly skilled in all areas of the product creations process from candle to soap making. The company does currently make general products for industry, however, most products are currently made to order. Possible indications. Scheduling is going to be the biggest issue with this approach.

Each worker, though skilled, must rely on each other to complete the process efficiently. The next indication would be limitations to expanding. Assembly Line Approach The assembly line approach creates efficiency by allowing business owners to break down product creation into smaller Jobs. When one person focuses on one aspect of product creation, quality and efficiency can increase (Cohen, 2010). Real life application. This approach can be used by Whipped Goods to create all products. Each Job can be broken down into sections from drying herbal ingredients to making ND applying labels.

Possible indications. This approach requires a labor force. Though it does increase efficiency and possibly the speed of product creation, the company may not be at a point in sales where this is necessary. If the company owners want to expand however, this approach should be examined. Continuous Flow Approach According to our text, the continuous flow approach does not stop. This means that some aspect of the product is always being created Jacobs & Chase, 2011). Real life application. Whipped Goods, currently uses an approach similar to this.