Process Design Matrix and Summary - Essay Example

The focus of the product line approach is on the efficient production of products and services.

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In this approach, he company controls the execution of each phase in order to ensure quick delivery and high-quality mix of prepaid foods in a clean environment (Chase, et al. 2006). To ensure effective delivery of high quality prepaid food services, this approach will be most beneficial to the company. Self-service Approach: by involving customers in the production of services, the efficiency of service process can be enhanced (Larson & Gray, 2006). This approach will benefit the food company by offering high-quality products to the customers ND reducing time of service delivery (Chase, et al. 006). The Personal Attention Approach: this approach emphasizes developing a relationship between the sales force and customers, ensuring effective customer services. Using this approach will help the company in developing strong relationship and building customer loyalty. Similarly, for managing the production of products, there are different types of design processes including Job shop, batch production, assembly line and continuous flow. Job Shop Process: in this process, task completion is handled by a single worker or a roof of workers.

There can be a wide range of products and services such as shipbuilding, bridge construction, hairdresser and tailor involving use of low technology to high technology can use the Job shop process approach (Swell, 2006). Batch Production: in this approach, a process is divided into parts and before going to the next operation, and a particular part is performed on the complete batch. This approach is suitable for cases when small to moderate volumes of various products must be made.