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Redesigning Reality With Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh - Essay Example

She started to paint at the age of 15 after she was in a horrific bus accident, where she then began her career as an artist. These self-portraits, mainly reflected her physical and emotional suffering she has gone through since the accident and later on in her life. Along with this she was greatly influenced by her husband also a great painter at the time, Diego Riviera, and Mexican folk art. ‘Her work Is colorful, almost naive vigor, tinged with surrealist fantasy’ (A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Art, 1998: Online) Henry Ford Hospital 1932 Oil Painting One of Friday Kohl’s most famous pieces titled ‘Henry Ford Hospital’.

It’s based on a real life incident that happened to Friday while she pregnant and asleep in her New York apartment. Friday uses a lot of symbols in this picture to represent different evens in her life. This painting is was done a 12 x 15 inch canvas, using oil paints. It features herself, Friday, lying on a bed naked with lots of blood around her groin. Her hands are holding her stomach as she loses her baby In this tragic scene. The red lines represent the umbilical cord of her baby.

They are attached to SIX objects In the painting: her baby(centre), wilted flowers (below the bed) , doctors operating instruments(bottom left) , pelvic bone(bottom rightly a model of a woman’s womb (top left), a snail(top right). Each of these objects represented something important in Friday’s life. Her unborn fetus – as is the focus behind the image, is put in the middle of the painting, as it is what caused this incident. The pelvic area being is where she suffered most of her pain and it was a part of her body where she has already suffered the previous bus accident, when she was fifteen years old.

To add to it, she shows the operating tools the doctors used on her. The model of the woman’s womb presents where the problem was for Friday. The fettered flowers show how she felt after the surgery, how she felt like she wanted to die after losing her baby and going through extreme pain. Lastly the out stretched snail shows that before she was taken to hospital that she was very slow moving and every movement caused pain. The hospital she was taken too was the Henry Ford Hospital in New York and she has In a way these objects have been orientated in a specific order from what first happened to how it ended.

First the womb being problem and the problem was then arrowed down to the baby and how she could hardly move to help herself. She was taken to hospital and operated upon. After the operation she felt almost dead and that she will now always have problems with her pelvis bone. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) was considered to be one of the greatest Dutch painters after he past away. During his lifetime he got little recognition of his work and only sold one painting. He greatly influenced the current ‘Expressionism’ in modern art.

Japanese prints influenced Van Gogh into using more bright and vibrant lour other than his alternative dark dull colors. Van Gogh wasn’t considered to be normal person. He constantly heard voices and hallucinated a lot, which lead him to being taken into hospital. The Bedroom (Arles) Oil on canvas CACM This painting ‘The Bedroom’ was produced by Van Gogh in 1889. It’s a painting of his room in Arles, while he was in the mental hospital. This piece was an oil on canvas, on a canvas CACM. The room Just shows the basics of what is normally in a bedroom: A bed, chair, table, wardrobe, paintings (or posters these days), window and a door.

Van Gogh uses simple techniques such as ‘scratching’ to give the symbols an old or worn out look. He has positioned each piece of furniture in a specific way to show his personal feeling of self. The placement of the objects creates a spacious and peaceful feeling. The floorboards are stained and cracked give the impression that the room is getting old He painted this while he was in the mental institution. He painted his bedroom in Arles, because it reminded him and what ‘normal’ people have compared to what he has now in the hospital.

It shows that he missed living a normal life and would do anything to get out the hospital and live a normal life again. He missed the bright colors in his room. This shows that he didn’t like the plain look in the hospital and again added to his willingness to get out of the hospital. He missed having the freedom in his life. To add to this, the spacious look he has created in the painting reflects how he would be feeling in the hospital, lonely and isolated from the rest of the world and not being able to communicate to the rest of the world.

The old impression he gives on the painting shows that he is getting old and probably wont eve in these conditions any more. In one art piece Van Gogh has been able to express himself in many ways. He has achieved how he feels by the use of furniture as symbols in his life, through this painting. Paintings like these have changed the way of modern expressionism artists. Done their work on canvas using oil paints and both have shown a fondness in the use of bright colors in their work to show different emotions and feelings. Friday and Vincent also showed great differences in their artwork by the use of symbols and different techniques.