System analysis and design - Essay Example

Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) is a generic term for describing methodologies for developing IT systems. The SAD technique is actually not limited to IT systems and can be used to create Just about anything, from a family house to the international space station. However, In the context of this course, SAD will focus on IT systems. A system has three basic elements Input, processing and output. The other elements include control, feedback, boundaries, environment and interfaces. Input: Input is what data the system receives to produce a certain output.

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Output: What goes out from the system after being processed is known as Output. Processing: The process involved to transform input into output is known as Processing. Control: In order to get the desired results it is essential to monitor and control the input, Processing and the output of the system. This Job is done by the control. Feedback: The Output is checked with the desired standards of the output set and the necessary steps are taken for achieving the output as per the standards, this process Is called as Feedback.

It helps to achieve a much better control In the system. Boundaries: The boundaries are nothing but the Limit of the system. Setting up boundaries helps for better concentration of the actives carried in the system. Environment: The things outside the boundary of the system are known as environment. Change in the environment affects the working of the system. Interfaces: The interconnections and the interactions between the sub-systems is known as the Interfaces. They may be inputs and outputs of the systems.

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