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Product Owners Senior Product Owner The SPOT is responsible for gathering inputs from external stakeholder, end-users, and customers. With the new inputs, SPOT shall hold a brief meta-meeting with POP to update Product Backlog priorities and share the vision for the product. SPOT Is the single authority responsible for Return on Investment (ROD. SPOT Is the final mediator for requirements questions (Acrimoniousness’s. Com, n. D. ). Product Owner POP are responsible for gathering inputs from team members. Updating the Product backlog by proportioning task and features from highest to lowest.

POP shall hold a daily crumb meeting with whole Scrum Team for a daily update with the following topics: What task was done yesterday? What will be accomplish today? Are there any obstructions In your way? POP are also responsible to present a potentially delivered product to the SPOT for review (Acrimoniousness’s. Com, n. D. ). Name Title/Position Roles Leonard J. Smith Senior Project Manager Senior Product Owner Kook Fajita Project Manager COPS certified Product Owner Scrum Master SMS does not have any project manager powers but are responsible to facilitate the task that was set during the Dally scrum meeting.

SMS make sure the Development test stays on track by removing any distractions or potential interruptions (Acrimoniousness’s. Com, n. D. ). Name Title/Position Roles Benjamin M. Tulles Sir. Technical Project Manager Scrum Master Development Team The DOT Is a self-organizing and cross-functional group that are responsible to deliver a working potentially retail product after every sprint. There are no hierarchy or outside title/position within the development team, by doing so, it allows leadership skills to emerge naturally (Acrimoniousness’s. Com, n. D. ). Name Team Role Meredith K.

Jennings Windows/Windows Mobile programmer Random C. Sharp Mac SOX/Apple ISO programmer Felix G. Wolfe G. U. I Designer John C. McKinney U. ‘ Designer Mobile platforms Else R. Santiago Quality Assurance/Documentation Herbert M. Becker Functionality Tester/Business Analyst Week 1: Requirements Specification Objectives The aim is to multi-platform cloud file manager that would allow cross clouds file transfer and editing. It will allow potential customers no matter how cloud service they used to sync between each other. Instead of having multiple sync programs installed, they would only need one.

Especially on mobile devices, if the sync is not setup to “sync only on Wi-If” it could potentially use up their data allotment and could accrued extra charges. Scope and Requirements As an Agile-scrum project management, the SPOT work closely with the end-users and customer to get inputs for product backlog. One of the tools used is Voice of the Customer (VOCE) program. VOCE is a term to describe customer’s feedback about their experiences using the products/services and expectation of add features. VOCE allows the ability to custom tailor a software/services that focus on customer’s needs, expectations and product improvement (Qualities. Mom, n. D. ). Currently the cloud services that are supported has API capabilities. API are available is the cloud service offer a software development kit (SAD), which is a set of development tools that allows the development of applications to use with their service, software or hardware. To measure connections between cross-platform tests the sync and file transfer capability of the program. For security aspect, first you must sign up on our website and purchase the program. After the purchase it completed, it will bring up a user control panel.

This is where you log into your individual cloud accounts. Each cloud account will be provide its own unique Token and SHAH hash for the software authentication. Sync could only be done using the provide software and the token/SHAH has is provided once. If it was not written down or entered into the software, a new one need to be generated from our website user control panel (Crackly and Bellary et al. , 1997). To measure hash password is to setup a brute force cracker without the salt and if it find the password, some part of the coding is wrong and have to be remedy. Assumptions and Constraints

Since with an Agile-scrum approach, even after each sprint cycle, the product backlog continues to grow with new idea and features. Instead of a traditional use case, Scrum uses User Stories for modeling. The user story usually follow a simple template: As , I want , So that I can . If the acceptance criteria was not well written it could throw off the project into a If the API authentication server is down, will there be a temporary authentication server with the real database of private key/hash strings. Would each sprint last one week or two and if a potentially working retail product could be produce.

Week 2: System or Application Design Use Case Diagram The following Use Case Diagram for the purchase of application and how the Senior Product Owner gathers resources and information. E-R Diagram This is the rough diagram to illustrate the database for new features for a product backlog and getting ROI form Online Store. Functional Decomposition Diagram The follow diagram is a graphical representation of OSDL process. Each break down of individual functions are color coded this way each team members knows what to focus on. GUI Storyboard Mockup The follow is Cloud GUI mockup done in Visual Studio 2013.

It will be coded using Windows 8 metro app style. Subsequently, all three version of the program will look that same. The only different is that Linux will be Java base and would not have the swipe feature for touch screen tablets and laptop/desktop. Windows 8, Android, ISO and Mac SOX will have full touchstones capabilities. Week 3: Test and Quality Assurance Plan Unit Testing Plan CITY shall be perform after each sprints to ensure program functionality after bug fixes, updates, or the addition of new features. The base result for the test is from a working program state at the end of each sprint.

For example, at the end of the first sprint which is sprint O, the CITY result will be used as a base for sprint 1 application and so forth. This way it will incorporated some of the regression test. The follow is a template of what modules are to be tested. (note template has been shrunk to fit document. ) (Name of System I. E. Windows 8 or Android 4. 2 Jellybean) Unit Testing Plan Date of Test: Tester: Machine Used: Key: Old is for program already installed; New is for new installation Modules Expected Results Actual Results Comments Flag for Review Installation: Old Dialog confirming Newer program; Application installed

New Dialog Program installing; Confirm Save To location; Application Installed Start Screen: Old Check Confining. In; Change application to confining. In New Welcome Screen; configure Preferences to make confining. In Cloud Service: Old API test send quick ping to server; API valid Add New API from User input Field; test cloud server; API valid Menu: Old able to open all menus New able to open all menus System Testing Plan The STEP will consist of: New 1. Being able to run the application and its features on different SO 2. If the application is able to run, is any modules cutoff or not able to be display. 3.

The ability to cross transfer doc, pictures, movies and etc. Between cloud servers. 4. If the item is transferred, is it able to be open on the new server or is it corrupted. 5. Making sure the Cloud server API matches the one generated and stored on the database. Acceptance Testing Plan End-User and Stakeholders will get the basic test in a form of an SAD. Within the SAD will be tools and instructions provided to created and perform their own test and results to be mail to Product Owners. This way if they have their own cloud services that they want to used, having their own test would be more productive.

Quality Assurance Plan The scope of the quality assurance plan is ensure proper functionality, usability, reliability and performance of the Cloud. These tests will be perform throughout the sprint duration. Functionality and performance test will be automated in a virtual environment. Usability and reliability will be tested on a physical Hardware. The following diagram will show the template when adding new features, bug fixes and general software revision. All test case scripts will adhere to this diagram to ensure location of error events will be correctly logged and sent the both the SQ and Programmer.

Week 4: Development Strategies & Acquisition Announcing Announcing has a lot of advantages, such as with announcing, Intellectual Property does not have to be given too third party. The need of having another manager to oversee the outsourced project would lower cost. The development of Scrum team is very high pace where the team communication is a must and with and outsourced company it could lead a chance for miscommunication (Dunne, 2011). Announcing does prove to have more cost than the alternative. If employees were up to speed with the current project would be unproductive.

Also depending on the amount the salary and labor could be more cost-effective to outsource (Elk, 2013). Near-sourcing and Outsourcing Near-sourcing and Outsourcing is the same the only different is that with near- sourcing is in the same time zone as your company such as Mexico, South Americas and Canada. Outsourcing is usually meant for overseas support such as Russia, China, India or Southeast Asia dose, 2014). The advantages of outsourcing is that the training is already done by the outsource company. Depending on the country of the outsourced company, the labor and taxes would be much lower than US.

The risk is that with such lower labor cost the production output might not be up to par. Since your company didn’t setup the training guideline for outsourced company the risk of product being leak could be at a higher risk that normal (Dunne, 2011). Hybrid Sourcing Hybrid sourcing approach offers two models one is build-operate-transfer model, which is the customer partner with an offshore outsourcer whom build the system or software and manage it. Then over a specified year(s) given in the contract hands over system/software back to the customer. The other model is Virtual Captive.

This del is actually owned by the customer and would give announcing to and overall management/control to anyone visiting the campus. The visitor would assume from the branding and employee-bagging (Overbuy, 2013). As an advantage it would combine the best of both world but on the downside it is very hard to navigate (Overbuy, 2013). Proposal Plan As an Agile-scrum development team, the management of the team needs to be very demanding. For the full process of development and management of the whole project will be done with announcing. While the inbound customer support and technical support would be near-sourcing.