Urban Design and Urban Planning in Relation to Rlas - Essay Example

A No. 9053, the Philippine Landscape Architecture Act of 2000, that a landscape architect also has the credibility on urban design as part of the scope of the practice of the profession. Being a versatile profession, an REAL could also become an urban designer as long as he/she have long been practicing the services whether it is general or specialized and he/she had consistently worked with a registered and licensed landscape architect(RURAL). But to best achieve the profession as an urban designer he/she must ass the licenser exam to become an RURAL.

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Defining urban planning further, as mentioned in the article, it is the technical and political process with a larger scale of planning concerning with the control of the land use and design of the urban environment as well as ensuring a proper and orderly development of settlements and community as a whole. We can define it more precisely as a discipline in architecture for it concerns itself with a systematic process of analyzing, strategic thinking, implementation and management, and even urban design.

The profession closely involved with this is a registered and licensed environmental planner (Arlene) where in it is possible for an REAL to become one as long as he pass a separate licenser exam to become Arlene. An REAL could still practice urban planning If he/she has long been practicing the services with an Arlene. To eradicate the vagueness of the definition of urban Design and Urban Planning we can simply project urban design as the process of manual development on structures that are part of the urban area while urban planning Is the dullness In architecture with a systematic way of designing the urban area as a whole.