A developing nation - Essay Example

Throughout history there have been many significant events and people. These events and people were the foundation for the development of a nation. The obstacles that were faced by those that settled and developed America were not only on unknown soil but were centered on the unknown In general. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries there were people and events which I believe influenced history and were turning points in the development of a great nation. A significant point In history which occurred during the 17th century was In 1607 hen Jamestown was settled along the Chesapeake Bay.

Jamestown was sponsored by the Virginia Company which was seeking to expand European nations and find an acceptable route to the Orient. Problems for the settlers began shortly after establishing the colony. Relations with the Indians led by Phaeton were extremely weak. Additionally, the settlers were not prepared for the climate which they ventured Into and were unprepared for their first winter in Jamestown. Supplies were limited and the settlers were mostly upper class Englishmen which were unfamiliar with farming techniques.

The settlers at one point abandoned Jamestown to return to England but were persuaded to return to Jamestown when they were Intercepted by ships carrying additional manpower and supplies. This event is significant because if the settlers had not been persistent and willing to experience further difficulties the Jamestown settlement may have failed and history may have taken another route. Also during the 17th century slavery was further introduced to the colonist who had established themselves in America. Slavery in America was another extremely Important turning point In American history.

The colonist knew that If they were going to sustain themselves in America they would need labor to complete the task of farming on the plantations. The solution for the colonists was slavery. African slaves were first brought to America In 1619. During the remainder of the century the use of slaves became more frequent and the number of slaves in America increased dramatically. The increase was so dramatic that in Virginia laws were developed that specifically pertained to slavery beginning In 1660. The Introduction of slavery In America is important but there were both positive and negative influences because of slavery.

Slavery allowed the colonies to grow and prosper on their resources Immediately available to them. The developments of their resources provided the ability for the colonists to trade and continue to move forward which was obviously positive. Slavery also caused years of debate and eventually was a factor that divided a nation. The First Great Awakening In the 18th century was another significant event in American history. The Great Awakening was a spiritual and religious movement which brought a national Identity to Colonial America.

Because of the movement Colonists realized that religious power was in their hands and not the hands of the English government. Although this was primarily a religious movement Colonists realized a great deal because of the movement. Colonists were prepared by the Great Awakening for the War of Independence. They learned that when something is not working it is acceptable to break away and form something new that will work. That they still can share a common belief on an issue. The Great Awakening was important in history because it prepared the Colonists for the War of Independence.

What the Colonists learned enabled them to be successful wining their freedom and independence from England. In the 18th century the development of the Articles of Confederation and then the Constitution of the United States were important events in history. The Articles of Confederation was developed while the United States was still fighting for their independence. The Articles of Confederation also placed most of the power within the state level of government. States could declare war, enter into treaties with foreign nations, and there were no trade regulations between states.

Under the Articles of Confederation Congress was the only part of the federal government. There was no president, Congress could not tax the states or people, Congress could not enforce laws on the states or people, and all voting on decisions required a unanimous vote and voting was done by each state instead of each member of Congress. Once the Constitution of the United States was developed it allowed some separation between the national government and the state governments. The constitution created three levels of government: the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the Judicial branch.

Checks and balances became important at this point in the government because each branch had specific powers and was involved in the creation of laws. Congress was given the right to enforce laws and could also tax the states and people. Both documents were important for the United States and turning points in history. Alexander Hamilton had many accomplishments which were important in American history. Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury. The changes he made and the ideas he introduced were significant to the economy of the United States.

Hamilton developed regulations for manufacturing and international trade. He also established and supervised the United States Mint. Additionally, Hamilton formed a national bank within the United States. Although Hamilton is best known for his economic accomplishments and contributions he was also a soldier in the militia and fought in Boston. Alexander Hamilton was a founding father of the United States and the leader of the Federalist Party. The contributions Hamilton made in history laid the foundation for the United Sates to develop into a well-organized nation.

The Market Revolution was important in the 19th century and changed history. The Market Revolution changed the United States forever. Advances in transportation and the marketplace was the foundation for America to grow. Also the creation of the steamboat, roadways, and the railroad allowed the farmers and skilled craftsman to get their products to other areas. Toll roads first began to be developed 1806 when Congress granted approval of a paved road from Cumberland, Maryland to the Old northwest which was completed in 1838. The steamboat and water travel became more cost effective and faster way to move goods.

The Erie Canal was completed in 1825 and stretched 363 miles. This canal allowed goods to be transported between the Great Lakes region and New York City. Railways came in to use in 1828 and by 1860 there was 30,000 miles of railway in the United States. Transportation allowed for an increase in the industrial aspect of growth in the United States. The economic and industrial changes that took place during this time changed America. People were no longer Just growing crops and producing goods for a market that reached outside of their towns and cities.

Factories were also developed mass producing goods or processing natural resources for sale in the worldwide market. Cotton was an important crop and was one of the things which allowed for industrial growth. Women were also working outside of the home in factories and were no longer Just at home caring for the family. There were many changes during the Market Revolution which shaped the United States and impacted history and created change. In the 19 century Manifest Destiny was a turning point for the United States in history.

Manifest Destiny was a belief that American settlers were destined to expand throughout the continent. Manifest destiny was a term first used by John Sullivan, a newspaper editor in 1845. He used the term while talking about the possible annexation of Texas. The land that was added to the United States after 1840 included: The Texas Annexation, The Oregon Country, The Mexican Cession, and The Sadden Purchase. Wars were fought over land and even more people migrated west in search of better living conditions, land, silver and gold. The economy was also starting to improve during the expansion.

During Manifest Destiny or westward expansion land was inexpensive in the west or free in some cases. Because so many people were moving west, it gave the economy and commerce a chance to expand. The Market Revolution also contributed to expansion in the west. Steamboats, paved roads and railways assisted with the migration. Most Americans did support manifest destiny but there were some that did not offer support for expansion. Many Indians had already been forced to move west and had again established themselves. With further expansion into their land they were again faced with obstacles they had to overcome.

Their land was taken, they had to compete with settlers for resources that they gathered and sold, and in some situations their families were destroyed and their land again taken. Manifest destiny was important in history because the United States was continuing to expand while dealing with serious issues. One of the most significant turning points in United States history was the Civil War which occurred during the 19th century. The North and the South were divided for several reasons. The Civil War came about because of many factors.

First, there were economic and social differences between the North and the South. In the South cotton was the major crop which produced income and required slavery for labor. In the North the towns and cities were more geared toward industry. The people living in the South lived life on plantations while those in the North lived in town and cities. In the North there was a need for people of different classes and cultures to work together while in the South things never changed and remained the same. Another cause for the war was the struggle for power between the states and the federal government.

Additionally, the war began because of the slavery issues and the growth of the Abolition Movement. Finally, the election of President Lincoln was a cause for the war. The people in the south believed that President Lincoln favored the beliefs of those in the North. The North defeated the South in the Civil War which eventually led to reconstruction of the South. The most significant result of the war was the addition of the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery. This alone is significant in history because this De to additional amendments to the United Constitution. There are many events the beginning of American history.

The colonist struggled to expand the New World and once they were here and established they wanted freedom and liberty. While establishing the colonies there was a need for labor which allowed for the introduction of slaves. Later in history slavery would become an issue which would be a factor in dividing a nation and cause a war. Manifest destiny also caused wars to be fought to further expand the nation. The First Great Awakening may have been a cause for all of the change. The Colonists learned that you could have different levels and move in the desired direction which seemed to be a better fit for society.

These events were significant in history and caused a change. Had these events not occurred where would we be now? Would we be living under the control of England? Would slavery still be an issue? Would there be a small cluster of states that were not part of the United States? All of these events molded us into the nation we are today. We enjoy the freedom and liberties that our founders fought to have from England. The nation continues to grow and spread the influence of the United States around the globe.