Developing a flow chart - Essay Example

Executive Summary Becky Elephant ops 571 August 5, 2013 Bruce Mischief Making a product and selling that product can be a tough situation for any business. If the company knows process to make the product and sell that product to consumers in a way that benefits both parties, the company will be successful. One company that does both service and product excellent is Apple for the phone models. The process matrix will deal with the customer service side and the phone product side.

The service side will Involve four Items, which are the customer service charter, excellent customer service, the personal approach, and the customer feedback system. For these to be successful in the process design matrix, customer service has to be effective and done efficiently. The customer service is a very integral part for any company because it has to rely on its valuable customers to make a profit and be successful. Today with the type of technology at our fingertips, customers are becoming more informed and at a higher speed than 10 years ago.

People today have a better understanding of Just what his or her rights are because they do not only value the quality of service or product but also the quality of service provided by the company. Therefore, having a process design matrix is fundamental in that it helps the organization establish the customer service charter, excellent customer service, what personal attention approach needs to be looked at, and elaborating on customer feedback. The customer service charter will help Apple, Inc. To detail what pertains In achieving the set objectives that Include a turn-around time for every service. The customer service Excellency will look at the valuable customers and expound on the best practices to achieve this goal. Personnel attention approach is vital when selling a product like the phone. This approach is about providing the customers with a sense that he or she does belong to the company and feels like the company values his or her opinions and thoughts (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, p. 227-228). Having elaborate customers service feedback Is the last line In the process matrix.

This line will allow expectations and the needs to improve it. The product portion of the process design matrix will have three lines which are the assembly line, continuous flow approach, and batch. The phone is a very sophisticated type of smartened. Besides taking pictures and videos, people can video chat with family or friends, voice activation mode, even give directions on how to get somewhere. Apple Incorporated is the company that makes the phone and has been a top seller of it for years. The company has receive nine J. D.

Power and Associate awards for their “Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartened. ” The phone is ranked highest in design, features, and ease of operation (Apple, 2013) The assembly line is the first line in the process matrix design for the phone product. This line is very important because this line is responsible for producing an excellent quality smartened in accordance with Apples reputation for its products. An assembly line needs to be always monitored to help ensure it functions as required to make the best products.

The second line is the batch, which should ensure that the product is the correct one because it is unprofessional to send vendors and suppliers the incorrect batch. If this happens, the company could have consequences along with upset consumers. Having a continuous flow approach, which is the last line of the matrix can ensure that a proper communication system between every one of the stakeholders and the market is to provide the best for each customer. The continuous flow line is similar to the assembly line in that production allows a predetermined sequence of steps, but the flow is that of a continuous one.