Developing Positive Relationships With Children - Essay Example

Developing positive relationships with children, young people and others involved in their care unit 028 1 . 1) It is important to build and maintain positive relationships with children and young people allow them a secure base to grow from. If the child or young person feels they have a positive relationship with their care giver they are more likely too feel confident enough to reach all their potentials.

These are building from the day hey arrive at the service and staff daily ensure they feel content with the relationships they are forming. Once formed it is again the staffs responsibility to ensure these relationships continue to be worked on, this includes allowing the young person to know they are thought about, reassuring the young person that we will be there for them and allowing the young person too make some of there decisions on their own. 1. 2) Practical needed 1. 3) 2. ) It Is Imperative that we strive to ensure the relationships wit have with others In he young persons life are also pollute. If they young person can see us Interacting positively with us, especially if It a difficult situation, it allows the young person to see that it Is Importantly In life too be civil and sleeve to people even If we aren’t overly keen on them. Also If we show to the young person that we are open and halest with everyone we come Into contact with they are more likely ROR be positive to the people that come In to their lives.