Developing Procedural vs. Declarative Memory - Essay Example

Should elements within a course that require developing procedural versus declarative memory be interspersed chronologically or separated into distinct stages? Why? What order, if any, is likely to maximize learning rate? Why? In answering this question one must define procedural and declarative memory. Befriending (2006) defines procedural memory that contains procedural knowledge. Procedural knowledge is the how to do things skills and recall Is without conscious.

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Also, declarative memory contains declarative knowledge, which Is the factual events that re stored and Is demonstrated by speaking and recall Is consciously recalled (Befriending, 2006). As children learn new concepts or skills the Information Is encoded Into long-term memory In different forms. Some Information Is stored verbally or by Imagery (Ramrod, 2003). So If we think about how Instruction Is conducted In the classroom we have to verbally speak about the concepts and utilize the textbook graphics to help scaffold the concepts taught. The students need to learn how and why of the lesson skill.

The declarative memory is the textbook and the repairs associated with assisting the student to provide a concrete memory process of the skill. The maximum learning rate would be to contingent on the effectiveness of the lesson presented. The lesson should always inform students the objective and goals of the lesson. The modeling should be presented by factual information by the teacher. The practice of the skills is crucial to the procedural process of the lesson. The declarative is creating the connection with teacher instruction and student understanding.