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Therefore, the team leader has to refer this worker operation to the department anger and get his approval. * Production Logging Survey: a diagnostic operation at which reservoir intervals contributing to production is identified. A third party service provider is used to perform such operation. Section 2: Be able to seek feedback on their workplace performance to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement 2. Feedback on Own Performance from Different Sources (12) I have used different sources to get feedback on my own performance. First feedback was from ELM group 13 which consists of 8 members in addition to me. Each of the 8 members and the ELM instructor has been asked to write down one of my strengths and one area of improvement. 8 out of 9 have given their feedback which is shown in Figure-I and the rewritten version is shown in Table-I below.

Figure-I: ELM Group-13 Feedback on Hammer’s Performance Feedback (S: Strength / l: Improvement) S: Quit, serious, keen (but doesn’t always show it) and a wealth of experience I: Needs to decide what he wants and how to get there 2 S: Analytical skills and good listener I: Clarifying objective clearly 3 S: He is sharp and confident : Require more team leadership skills, which he is in the track 4 S: He was good in leading his team when he was acting on behalf of his team leader l: He should be less attached to his smart phone 5 S: Very ambitious and works well under pressure l: Should accept other opinions 6 S: He is helpful person 7 S: Specialized technically, confident, good negotiation skills and delegation l: Can 8 S: He is very smart, qualified, good communicator with self-confidence, initiative and hard worker l: Needs to be more focused on objective and convict to achieve goals Table-I: ELM Group-13 Feedback on Hammer’s Performance (Rewritten) Second feedback was gathered from the Deep Reservoir Management Team. A Leadership Skills survey shown in Appendix 1 was distributed among the 7 members of Deep ARM. The survey covers 8 areas which are: 1 . Communication and social skills 2. Goal setting 3. Managing myself 4. Motivating people 5. Being creative in problem solving 6. Inspiring trust and respect 7. Being interested in and valuing team members 8.

Developing the skills of team Each area has between 3 to 6 scale rating questions and the team was asked to score y skill from 1 to 5 where 1 is I am really poor and 5 is I am really good at that skill. Among the 7 members, only 5 have responded to the survey. Survey result is shown in Appendix 2. 2. 2 Feedback Interpretation and Areas of Improvement (20) ELM Group-13 Feedback: The members of the ELM Group-13 consent that I am technically strong, hard worker, confident, good communicator and listener, and have good delegation skill. On the other hand, the group has agreed on several areas of improvement. First one is a personal skill that I need to be decisive about my target and goal and the steps to get here. Second one is an organizational skill that I need to make sure objectives are clear and be focused to achieve it.

Third one is and interpersonal skill that I have to accept other opinion. Leadership Skills Survey: Leadership skills survey showed that overall I am quite good in the 8 areas with average score of (4. 4/5) in communication and social skills, (4. 4/5) in goal setting, (4. 4/5) in managing myself, (3. 8/5) in motivating people, (4. 1/5) in being creative in problem solving, (4. 5/5) in inspiring trust and respect, (4/5) in being interested in and alumni team members, and finally (4. 2/5) in developing the skills of my team. The survey did not show much to improve and therefore, I have conducted a self- assessment using the same survey and compared it with the survey result (Figure-2).

Self-assessment survey is shown Appendix 3. The result of my self-assessment showed good agreement with the survey result in 3 areas; managing myself (4 versus 4. 4), being creative in problem solving (4. 3 versus 4. 1) and inspiring trust and respect (4. 3 versus 4. 5). However, my self-assessment showed I need to improve in evolving the skills of my team (scored 2. 7/5) and specifically coaching team members (scored 2/5). I also need to improve communication and social skills (scored 3/5) and specifically asking questions and listening to answers (scored 2/5). And finally I need to improve being interested in and valuing team members (scored 3. /5) and specifically wanting to know about team members’ attitudes and values, Figure-2: Leadership self-assessment versus survey 2. 3 Action Plan (28) Based on the above feedback interpretation, the following are the area of improvements I need to work on and develop: Be decisive about what I want to and steps to get there Setting clear objectives and focusing on achieving it Coaching team members Asking question and listening to answers Accept other opinion Wanting to know about team members’ attitude and values, feelings and emotions To develop the above weaknesses I came up with an action plan and a target date and summarize it in the below table. Area to develop How will I achieve it When will I do it by Who will help me What is my measure Tick when done