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Countries that meet the following three criteria will be qualify to be added to the list of Olds. Nevertheless, the government of the relevant country must accept this status. First, a Per Capita Income, based on a three year average estimate of the Gross National Income (IN) per capital, with a threshold of $992 for possible cases of addition to the list and a threshold of $1 , 190 to graduate from the list. Second, human assets based on Indicators of nutrition, health, school enrolment and literacy.

Third, economic vulnerability, based on instability of agricultural production, instability of exports of goods and services, economic importance of non-traditional activities, merchandise export concentration, and handicap of economic smallness, and the percentage of population displaced by natural disasters. However, a country will qualify for graduation from OLD status 1 OFF According to the research, Cambodia economy has been gradually increasing. Cambodia GAP per capita increases 6% per year between 2010 and 2012.

During 2010, the GAP per capita $2,100 and year 2011 the GAP per capita $2,300. While 2012, GAP per capita is $2,400. Since 2004, garments, construction, agriculture and tourism have driven Cambodia growth. The garment industry employs more than 3,500 employees and controls 75% of Cambodia total exports. Mining have attracted various investors to invest in Cambodia. The government takes this opportunity for mining bauxite, gold, iron, gems. Tourism industry has rapidly increases with foreign arrivals exceeding 2 million per year since 2007.

Nevertheless, Cambodia is stilling one of the lease developed countries in Asia due to corruption, lack of education opportunities, high income inequality and poor Job prospects. However, the Cambodia government is working with bilateral and multilateral donors, including the World Bank and MIFF. More than 50% of the government budget comes from the donor assistance due to the pressing needs of the country. Besides that, Cambodia also offer other potential market opportunities like engineering services, household goods and appliances, agribusiness and food processing and etc.

Two countries in Africa which Canada has an advisory are Chad and Mali, which the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advices all traveler to avoid traveling to Chad. Besides that, it also advices non-essential travels to the capital city of N’Djamena. The purpose of this advisory is to warn the traveler the security situation n Chad is still unstable and could deteriorate rapidly. For example threat of attacks and kidnappings, serious crimes, pickpockets, purse snatchers, poor road infrastructures, lack of fuel and etc. For Mali, the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advices to avoid all travel to Mali.

Dependents of Canadian Embassy staff as well as non-essential staff in Bamako are allow to departure which authorized by The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. This advisory is stated because of the political instability and on-going military clashes, threat of terrorism, banditry, kidnappings, fraud, little security situations and etc. Two countries in Asia which Canada has an advisory are Afghanistan and Cambodia. First, Afghanistan, the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advices other people to avoid all travel to Afghanistan.

This advisory was stated because of the unstable security situations, on-going insurgencies, terrorist attacks, the risk of kidnappings, shortage of food and water, dangerous during road travel, high crime rate and etc. Terrorism is a threat towards Afghanistan and foreigners. It has been rapidly increasing for the recent months. Targets included hotels, embassies and government buildings. Suicide bombs, rockets, improvised explosive devices, armed assaults, and ambushes are among the tactics used in these attacks. The risk of journalists and non-government workers, have been kidnapped in some cases killed.

The second country which has an advisory from Canada is Cambodia. The advisory for Cambodia are stated by the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Travelers are advices to avoid any travel to Cambodia especially Thai border area in Preach Overhear and Odder Machine province. This includes the Preach Overhear temple area between Preach Overhear Province and Gasket Province in Thailand. There are lashes between Cambodia and Thailand over a border dispute in this region. The situation will deteriorate without any warning. Besides that, street crimes for example pickpockets and snatch thieves have been rapidly increasing recently.

Two countries in South America which Canada has an advisory are Argentina and Brazil. Argentina does not have any major issues to have an avoid traveling status. According to the advisory, there is no nationwide advisory but high degree of caution due to the risk of crime. For instance, distraction thefts, pickpockets and snatch thieves are some of the crimes happen in Argentina. Although robberies and damping is not common in Argentina but it does happen and mainly aimed to forces BAM withdraws. Brazil also has no nationwide advisory status.

However, exercise a high degree of caution is a must due to high crime rates and regular incidents of gang-related and other violence. Some examples are street crimes, kidnapping, carjacking and civil unrest. Political and labor strikes and demonstrations occasionally occur and could lead to violent incidents. Roadblocks are sometimes used during protests. Burundi is one of the countries with a travel advisory issued by the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. The travel advisory stresses the avoidance of non- essential travel to Burundi due to the sudden outbreaks of violence and civil unrest.

Besides that, there is another regional advisory which is mentioned. Under this advisory, Bujumbura Rural province, on the outskirts of the capital city, Banana province and Cookbook province were discouraged to be visited. This is due to the banditry, small arms trafficking, and clashes between the National Liberation Forces (FAN) and the Burundi government continue to occur. Besides that, various violent clashes in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and occasional cross-border event by armed groups.

When situation in Burundi is starting to stabilize, which results in the peace agreement between the National Liberation Forces (FAN) rebel group and the Government of Burundi, sudden outbreaks of violence and civil unrest occur throughout Burundi. Furthermore, large amount of small arms and weapons are easily available. Violent attacks, ambushes, robberies and murders by former soldiers, rebel forces, and youth gangs against humanitarian workers, including of 2010. They are killed by unidentified gunmen and armed assassins. No part of Burundi can be considered secure.