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Questions on Developing an e-Commerce Business Plan - Essay Example

Developing-an-e-commerce-plan-Part-BUSBIES. HTML Project Overview: For this project, consisting of two (2) papers, you will develop an e- commerce solution for a company of your choice. You may select any company from the Internet for your project that does not emphasize e-commerce In their current strategy.

You are to take the role of a consultant to the company, analyze their rent situation, and propose an e-commerce strategy and plan. (Note: Mary Kay Inc. , the company described In the course case study In Week 4 Is an Ideal example of a company that would fit the target profile for this assignment. You may not use Mary Kay Inc. As the company for your project. ) Write a 5-7 page paper in which you: 1 .

Analyze the current business situation of your selected company and identify areas where an commerce solution would be effective. 2. Describe the current infrastructure of your selected company and propose additions that will support future e-commerce. 3. Describe how documents, text, and documented processes and procedures will be managed in the context of the proposed e-commerce system. More Details hidden…