Free Sample: Discuss the Global Impact of E-Commerce on Society paper example for writing essay

Discuss the Global Impact of E-Commerce on Society - Essay Example

E commerce effects for the society Convenience * Accept credit cards and as many other forms of payment as possible. * Carry as many Items In stock as possible to avoid back orders. * Send an e-mail confirmation for all orders. * Make sure all the components of the site load quickly.

Helpful for disables and aged people * No need of going place to place Can have Home delivery facility * Easy access via e-commerce site Time saving * No need to wasting time to going place to place Information availability * All information’s are include in site * Easy to find Jobs for society 24 hour service * Available niche products * This means that there is no middle person in the business . He deal is only done with the customer and owner * Environment friendly * Which means e commerce can be used to order something instead of traveling to place with a vehicle which helps the environment to reduce the carbon dioxide emission.

Negative effects of e-commerce on society * unemployment Because of e commerce unemployment may occur because people tend to buy goods online and people working in shops might lose their job and Job opportunity might decrease * Increase in crime * Due to providing Information to web the hacker might hack your credit and debit card * Health concerns * Natural causes * Due to disasters the goods might get damage or misplaced * Loss to retailers * Due to sale of goods online small scale business might get effected their business might get collapse.