E-Commerce - Essay Example

Models Creating an e-commerce solution mainly Involves creating and deploying an e- commerce site. The first step in the development of an e-commerce site is to identify the e-commerce model. Depending on the parties involved in the transaction, e- commerce can be classified into 4 models. These are: * Business – to – Business () model * Business – to – Consumer () model * Consumer – to- Consumer () model * Consumer – to – Business () model Business-to-Business () Model The model Involves electronic transactions for ordering, purchasing, as well as the administrative tasks between houses.

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It includes trading goods, such as business subscriptions, professional services, manufacturing, and wholesale dealings. Sometimes In the model, business may exist between virtual companies, neither of which may have any physical existence. In such cases, business is conducted only through the Internet. As we know, www. Amazon. COM is an online bookstore that sells books from various publishers. In this case, the publishers have the option of either developing their own site or displaying their books on the Amazon site (www. Amazon. COM), or both.

The publishers mainly choose to display their books on www. Amazon. COM at it gives them a larger audience. Now, to do this, the publishers need to transact with Amazon, involving business houses on both the ends, is the model. The advantages of the model are: * It can efficiently maintain the movement of the supply chain and the manufacturing and procuring processes. * It can automate corporate processes to deliver the right products and services quickly and cost-effectively. Business-to-consumer () Model The model involves transactions between business organizations and consumers.

It applies to any business organization that sells its products or services to consumers over the Internet. These sites display product information in an online catalog and store it in a database. The model also Includes services online banking, travel services. And health Information. The example of the www. Amazon. COM site also involves the model in which the consumer searches for a book on their site and places an order, if required. The model of e- commerce Is more prone to the security threats because individual consumers provide their credit card and personal information on the site of a business organization.

In addition, the consumer might doubt that his information is secured and used effectively used by the business organization. This is the main reason why the model is not very widely accepted. Therefore, it becomes very essential for the business organizations to provide robust security mechanisms that can guarantee a consumer for securing his Information. 1 The model involves transaction between consumers. Here, a consumer sells directly to another consumer. EBay and www. Zee. Are common examples of online auction Web sites that provide a consumer to advertise and sell their products online to another consumer. However, it is essential that both the seller and the buyer must register with the auction site. While the seller needs to pay a fixed fee to the online auction house to sell their products, the buyer can bid without paying any fee. The site brings the buyer and seller together to conduct deals. Consumer-to-Business () Model The model involves a transaction that is conducted between a consumer and a business organization.

It is similar to the model, however, the difference is that in this case the consumer is the seller and the business organization is the buyer. In this kind of a transaction, the consumers decide the price of a particular product rather than the supplier. This category includes individuals who sell products and services to organizations. For example, www. Monster. COM is a Web site on which a consumer can post his bio-data for the services he can offer. Any business organization that is interested in deploying the services of the consumer can contact him and then employ him, if suitable.