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Smart phones includes a keyboard, operating system and a web browser, it’s basically a mini computer. Most Internet provider or carrier offers deferent plans for data usage for a monthly fee. Tablet computers are smaller than a laptop, but larger than the smart phone. Tablet computers have the capability of a laptop except smaller and more convenient for traveling. Tablet computers are basically the same as smart phone except it does not have a phone and has a bigger screen.

RFC, radio frequency Identification and smart rd device are tracking device combined with biometric technologies, such as retina scanners, finger print readers, to track more items and people in many different situation. These technologies are combined with each other and with communication systems that enable companies to communicate and share Information with other such as customer demands, consumer behavior. Inventory level and etc. The social commerce, thanks to the Web 2. 0 from the second wave plays an important role in the third wave of e-commerce.

Websites such as Faceable and twitter engaged people in social commerce. These technologies are leading the businesses in the third wave of e-commerce Review question # 4 what are the main functions of value added network? VAN, value added network Is an independent company that provides connection and EDI transaction forwarding services to business engaged in EDI. EDI, electronic data interchange compatible, are firms that are able to exchange data in specific standard electronic formats with other firm.

Electronic Commerce 10th edition In electronic amerce, the law of diminishing return does not apply In networks. In networks the more participants the value of the network to each participant Increases. Value added network is used by people and organization for routing, storing, message transcription and delivering secured electronic data. The main function of value added network is to provide connection of virtual company with their trading partners or strategic alliances.

Through this connection company bring different skill set, resources, and strategies by shaping long term and stable relationship with other impasses with the same objectives in achieving effective and efficient market place. Vera Wang were reluctant to offer their products for sale on their websites for many years. These businesses preferred to use their websites to display information about their product through exclusive retail stores. Summarize the reasons these luxury goods producers might have been hesitant to sell on line and speculate why they might have changed their mind.

The reasons why companies that sell luxury goods were reluctant to offer their rodents for sale on their websites for many years are: During the first wave Off- commerce the internet technologies especially in BBC were slow, and most consumers were connected using dial- up modems. The slow connection to the internet and slow computers became inefficient and inconvenient for the company and the consumers. The downturn or the dot. Com bust in the first wave made investors and companies reluctant to invest in e-commerce. Companies were not as enthusiastic as before the bust.

The unstructured e-mail communication with customers in the first wave makes it difficult to clearly communicate with customers. Poor communication with customers will hurt the business, and e-mail is one of the characteristic of e-commerce. Companies that sell luxury goods do not want to lose their prestige and to sell their products on line means their products and designs will be everywhere. They resisted the common availability of their products. The distribution and shipping in the first wave is not as fast and efficient today as well. And last but not the least, these company that sell luxury goods, such as Channel,

Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Wang sells products that has a physical characteristics. The customer needs to experience the smell of the fragrance, feel the fabric and wants to see how clothes would fit, unlike commodities the feature are well known such as soap, CD, books and computers. My speculation why they might have change their mind They change their mind because technology had advanced dramatically such as, technology enable business processes, availability of the broadband and wireless connection, the e-commerce became global and no longer U.

S dominated, companies began using e-mail as an important part of their marketing and customer contact strategies. As a result e-commerce became more efficient and convenient for both company and consumers. However, the most important reason why these company have changed their mind because they realized that they need to keep up with the changed of doing business and most of their affluent and prestigious consumers are all shopping on line already. The market or consumers demanded these luxury companies to sell their products on line.