E-Commerce - Essay Example

A company such as is a leader In e-commerce and technology when It comes to file sharing on the Internet, more In depth was one of the leaders in sharing music the internet. In today’s business world, activities of various types contribute significantly to the efficiency of business processes, and to the recognition of products and services. ” is of significant importance not only for inventing peer-to-peer technology, but also for forcing record labels to play ball and work with tech companies to make file-sharing practices In the digital music industry legal.

Even Is finally on the verge of legitimacy, with companies such as Brothers and Paramount recently signing deals to distribute content through upstarts Bitterroot and TV streamer (Null, 2007). ” Was a program that allowed computer users to share and swap files, specifically music, through a centralized file server. His response to the complaints of the difficulty to finding and downloading music over the Net was to stay awake 60 straight hours writing the source code for a program that combined a music-search function with a file-sharing system and, to facilitate communication, Instant messaging.

Now we have , and people are passed” (,201 3). The Internet played a very essential role In this process, as it provided countless options for communication with people across the world and performance of sharing activities. The internet is continuously changing and continuously becoming the means of business communication, file sharing, file storing, etc. It would be insane for any company not to be a part of e- commerce as the use of physical stores Is slowly but surely decreasing before our eyes. Placement In the Internet was the beginning of sharing music over the World Wide Web.

Although it was free at first, it was only fair for the artist to get paid off of their records being shared across the internet. The merchandise mainly consisted of music and videos. The audience of within a few months reached high heights. So in essence, was just a receptacle of a large catalog. ” was the first site to use that kind of system in a specialized form. In the case of , they specialized In facilitating the peer-to-peer file sharing of music as possible to locate even the most obscure music file using its user-friendly interface.

Many music fans regarded as a kind of music search engine. Fans of the original used the site to browse the music and files, upload their own files, and swap music files with other users by uploading and downloading” (. COM) . Presentation was user friendly and simple. With a click of a button you could have all your favorite song and videos at your fingertips. “Faceable, tunes and other towering digital giants have flourished using elements first teased or pioneered by Fining’s software.

And Winter’s documentary makes clear an authentic regret, these days, from inside the music industry that was not embraced. Even while one executive remembers it as “an ambush… Pearl Harbor”, others are damning of the hurry to crush such a thriving online community. Island Records’ founder, Chris , laments the fact that there wasn’t a formal move to reach out to its 50 million users at a time when CD sales were tumbling. The industry might be belatedly wrestling a business model into shape in the online age, but an opportunity to do so a decade ago was probably kissed” (, 2013).