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E-Commerce and the Law - Essay Example

The most important distinguishing factor among cyber space and real space is physical property. In cyber world everything could be considered as virtual, without any real physical form and dimensions like real world. Cyber space is detached from space-time reference system. There is no life in the cyber world characters, actually those characters are real world living people with a digital name and electronic mail address. Cyber world is made up by real world people for their convenience and development. It is a technology first which being so different, got this identification as cyber space.

In real space almost everything is related in terms of real time and physical distance, whereas in cyber space there are no boundaries. Hence we can not say how much space any interaction has taken but we can consider time concept. Anybody could be present in the cyber space from any part of the real world and people from different geographical areas could interact in a same platform, at real time but no space. ( see appendix ) In cyber space nothing is relative like real space and everything meaningful is always measured in absolute terms.

In cyber world most of the things occur independently and are mostly non-negative transmission rates. The real life time relationship is not possible in cyberspace. In the real space we see there are two types of relationship viz one that come with the birth and the other that is acquired. But on the cyberspace it is not like this. We can see people saying this is my dad or step dad but nobody says he is my internet dad but we hear saying that he is my internet lover . Communication is very fast in the cyberspace compared to that in the real space.

In real space we use all the mode of communication, oral/verbal, written and the symbolic so does the cyberspace. But the only difference the communication in cyberspace is much faster than that in the real space. It is less expensive as well. People behave differently on the internet and that is why there is a concept of Netiquette, which certainly means adequate on the internet. This property of cyber world makes it different from real world but does not make it independent. Example of different behaviour is in real world nobody says ‘lol’ when they want to ‘laugh out loud’.

We have crime in the internet also and in the real world also- common feature but as there is nothing physical in the cyber world, there couldn’t be any physical harm or crime on the internet. Have you ever heard about murder on the internet? Again this doesn’t mean crime on the cyber world doesn’t affect real world. Real people are involved in doing crime, and real situations which made person to commit crime online. Any crime committed in cyber space has real and tangible effect in physical world. 2.

5Jurisdiction – jurisdiction is one of the biggest problem faced now, because there is no jurisdiction in cyber world it is really hard to enforce law. Security is the biggest issue, internet being an ocean of information it is so easy to tamper or access somebody else’s important information. Electronic communications technologies also lower the barriers to harassment and threats; a person does not need to physically confront the victim. Drawback is there is no ‘universally followed law’ for cyber world which makes it easy to evade crime on the internet. Today cyber world has a big importance in running day to day activities.

One can travel the world meeting people, yet remain forever seated in our home. Virtually meeting someone in Australia from London can be easier than virtually meeting someone in other part of London depending on the speed of the networks. One may not go there physically but he/she certainly have feelings of the presence there. Virtual societies mean the reinvention of all that is familiar. A virtual discussion may allow all to speak and all to be heard at once. Each participant types their contributions and places them in centrally held discussion, accessible to all other participants.

In this way all contributions are always available, no one can be silenced because their voice is the quietest and no one can be heard with more effect simply because they are more aggressive. Alchemists would look on one wistfully, as one turns plastic cards into gold at every automated teller through the magic of computer communication. One of the most striking aspects of cyberspace is that it “provides an easy and inexpensive way for a speaker to reach a large audience, potentially of millions”. This characteristics sharply contrasts with the traditional forms of mass communications such as T. V.

, radio, newspapers, and magazines, which require significant start-up and operating costs and therefore tend to concentrate communications power in a limited number of hands. Anyone with access to the internet however can communicate and interact with a vast and rapidly expanding cyberspace audience, which is very difficult in real world. The internet enables any person with a phone line to ” become a pamphleteer” or ” a town crier with a voice that resonates farther than it could from any soapbox”. Indeed the Internet is “a unique and wholly new medium of worldwide human communication that contains content ” as diverse as human thought. “