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Electronic Commerce - Essay Example

E-commerce Is basically using the Internet to either buy or sell goods and It has been revolutionized the way business Is controlled. In recent times Internet has evolved so huge it has lead to development of lots of new web based technologies one of them, which is most used, is E-commerce Online shopping is an example for the most used forms of e-commerce, which companies like Amazon or eBay offer.

E-commerce in Modern Business: Nowadays businesses that do not have an SEC model have started adapting automating all the manual operations overriding it by e-commerce, since every errors would want to save time and money, and these 2 factors are very Important In a person’s life.

Consider a person who wants to purchase a laptop, he does need to go to a store physically to buy It, he can buy It online wealth minutes, the laptop company would already have an online shopping website, the person can Just browse for available laptops which contains all the information regarding the product right from color, weight, configuration, hardware and software’s, best part is he can also change the configuration online as he wants. Few companies offering online hopping are Dell, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Leno and many more.

SEC gives the people the added advantage to compare various products with one-click, they can either buy or sell their products. Usually sometimes people might not find all the brands In one particular store and now since SEC has evolved to an extent where most of the brands offer online shopping a person Is not limited to a geography and also M-commerce which Is basically using wireless devices or handheld devices to do online transactions. M-commerce has been growing exponentially over the years.

Smartness is the new trend, people started creating APS for their business, which can be accessed through mobiles, everyone can easily use the App on their smartened to buy food, clothes, book flight/train/bus/cab etc. It is more like people can buy anything from the device on the go if they have Internet E-commerce in Social Media: Social media has really changed the way we communicate It has replaced all the old age types of communications like writing post cards or letters.

Internet has a big role In this change; people use social platforms Like Messages, Watchstrap, Twitter, Youth or Backbone for communicating. Many people have still have a doubt how would social media increase the sales of a business. It is simple since almost everyone uses bring awareness, they showcase daily deals as advertisements, people can keep a tab on the latest products releasing from a brand, business use celebrities to endorse their brands, customers can directly interact on these platforms with others and can discuss the plus or minus of a product or a service [2].

So businesses can setup up an advertisement on a website or social platform to promote their product. Backbone is one such platform which offers a Feature for a person or business to promote a product or service ranging from 5$ per ay to 100$ per day, based on the payment the audience for the advertisements will be higher. Most of the social networking platforms make money through advertisements.

Linked one more social platform for professionals where people from various companies meet and greet each other, participate in technical or non- technical discussions, but one feature where e-commerce is involved in Linked is, it offers a premium profile for users in which a person will have access to apply for more number of Jobs and recruiters have full access to post a new Job, search for people who need a Job or who are considering a Job change. This way SEC has a very important role in social media too.

International Barriers for Success of SEC: 3 International Barriers to SEC which and their role in SEC’s success, one of them is no limitation to Geography. In an e-commerce model when the website offers shipping to not only domestic places but also internationally, it really helps increase the revenue [3]. Consider a product like Cordless Warming Tray, which is available in America but not available in countries like India, so if anyone wants it, buying the product is easy, any person can purchase the item online through Amazon and enter is/her international address for shipping.

E-commerce websites also offer an option for faster shipping if the person needs a product immediately for which the person should pay a little more for the shipping costs. Business are now seeing the opportunities in international markets and have started their business setup’s in those countries, like Amazon did in India recently investing 2 Billions dollars and Auber too a cab service business which is based out of America also started its business in India and few other countries.

Success of SEC can be calculated here by the increase in revenue from international markets. Only few companies are offering this kind of non-limitation to geography like Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. Organizations that only offer shipping fewer countries include The Limited, J-Crew and few others. Second type of international barrier is language, considering most of them speak English there might be a section of people who do not speak, read or write English.

So to offer e-commerce for those people or to those areas/countries e-commerce websites started adapting their software or website in such a way that a user who has no knowledge of English would be able to search for any product he wants enough and the price of the product is shown in various currencies which would help buyers to easily compare the price. In this type of barrier the number of users base for each company increases which ultimately increases the revenue too.

Since now SEC model would not only have customers from places who speak, read or write English but also from places where they can use their local language to buy or sell goods, this is very healthy in the SEC model. Third type of barrier is for a successful SEC model is Legal battle and Infrastructure, as we talked about no limitations to geography and language, so when a company sets p a SEC model in different countries the first and foremost thing they will need to comply with is the legal rules of that particular country.

Following the rules and regulations legally would really help a company offering SEC to run their business smoothly without any issues or hiccup. There have been lots of issues for few companies offering SEC in various countries, consider Backbone which is a most used social platform all over the world had to fight for legality issues in few countries since people’s information was visible for everyone.

One more example would be Google Earth, which faced a lot of eroticism and legal issues and is now banned in India, since it was very helpful for some organizations, which are under the radar of military forces. There are success stories like Amazon, EBay and many more who have been successfully doing their business in different countries. These companies have setup their websites domain separately for each country. Like www. Amazon. Com is used globally, www. Amazon. AU is used in Australia, womb. Amazon. N is used in India, these sites have their own infrastructure setup to control the load of users. Since SEC systems should be available 24*7 for them to gain the users reliability and confidence also because users are all across the globe they cannot afford to lose business, they need to have their website up and running all the time. To establish that they need to have heavy configurations, storage and network bandwidths and a team of technical experts who would have the capability to stop hackers from attacking their websites and access risk management techniques well before anything unusual happens.

To sum up SEC has been growing and will be growing exponentially in today’s and tomorrow’s business, since the ease of doing business has become very easy and as issued time and money are important which can be saved from SEC. Social media the main way of communicating with each other has also benefited from SEC in a big way, since billions of users use this platform the revenue generated from the social media advertisements has made some of the start up companies like Google and Backbone to grow from a small scale companies to one of the biggest branded company and revenue generating companies all over the world.

The international barriers have also as discussed added up to the success of SEC. There might be limitations to SEC like security issues and protecting the website or software from crackers but it all depends on the organization on who attentive they are, how good their staff is in preventing such kind of attacks from happening.

Free Sample: Electronic Commerce paper example for writing essay

Electronic Commerce - Essay Example

Commerce essentially means trading products and services by using computer through internet. It has three important factors- Technology, Law Policy and finally Business Commerce was introduced in asses and, from then, its use has been exponential Commerce also had its setbacks during the start of year 2000 when the dot com bubble burst and the stock market was caught in frenzy. Only genuine companies like EBay and Amazon Inc. Could survive this crash as they were able to generate good income.

Following 2000, many companies came into existence with new ideas n how they can utilize the Commerce potential at its maximum. Role of E- Commerce In the modern Business: 1 . You can buy and sell almost everything at your doorstep with the magic of e- commerce In this 21st century which will be known for Information revolution. E- commerce has changed your lifestyles entirely because you don’t have to spend time and money in traveling to the market. You can do your payments with the help of e-commerce. 2.

You can pick up the pace of your online business with the help of e- commerce application development and web development solutions. The commerce solutions offer many advantages as follows: 3. E-commerce is one of the cheapest means of doing business as it is commerce development that has made it possible to reduce the cost of promotion of products and services. 4. There is no time barrier in selling the products. One can log on to the internet even at midnight and can sell the products at a single click of mouse. 5.

The on-time alerts are meant for the convenience of the consumers and Inform the consumers about new products. Role of E-commerce In the Social environments: 1 . The major role of social media in E-commerce is to promote brand awareness. 2. Social media helps passively showing that the brand interacts with their customers and is easily reachable. 3. Social media has cemented itself in today’s society and changed the way many of us communicate. Not only has it affected the way we interact at an individual level, but it has also started to impact the way companies do business.

E-commerce reduces delivery time and labor cost thus It has been possible to save the time of both – the vendor and the consumer. Economic Effects of Commerce: . Reduction In transaction costs in Commerce compared to traditional commerce as Commerce removes the traditional geographical and time barriers. 2. Commerce Is of tremendous advantage to a layman, who does not understand the product- which is new into the market- Commerce helps him make a decision by comparing the locations and accessing the similar product at different stores. . Additionally another main advantage has been shipping of the product to home which saves costs of transportation and time for the buyer. Business Effects of Commerce: 1 . Various retail stores of a particular product are now connected online and they would have a better idea of the costs incurred to get the product from the manufacturer 2. Business rules in selling a particular product are more synchronized which translates into smooth transition to the end user 3.

Major advantage has always been customer satisfaction and retention – and considerable decrease in time in total transaction – right from ordering to shipping of the product. International Barriers of Commerce: These can be some of the barriers to International Commerce 1 . Security- As the entire transaction takes place online, and some sites are well constructed and some have their security certificates and HTTPS links, but still in this communication age, there are hackers who still attack some of the transactions and take advantage of sensitive information related to purchase.

This online security issue cannot be reduced unless the buyers and the sellers are equally educated on their free presence on internet and its effects 2. Language- International trade occurs between different countries which can be similar or very different from each other. Language s certainly a barrier as the trade occurs only when the buyers and sellers together dictate the price of the product and are satisfied with the transaction, sometimes the websites of the business site cannot be written in the same language which the customer understands.

In those circumstances, the sellers’ weapon can be made effective by including some software tools for translation by detecting the locale of the customer, or the site itself could provide different language versions of the same website. 3. Lack of Trust- This is the ultimate problem of Commerce, unless the page is very popular and has a huge base of retentive customers, we cannot be sure if the transaction would be smoother.

Sometimes the seller can simply get the sensitive information from the buyer and can take advantage in the transaction, sometimes the product need not be shipped, shipped product might be a different one or it might be defective. The biggest example of lack of trust is the Tech Bubble bursting during 2000 where many companies created their small presence Just to be on web and cheated many investors to buy their stocks. We can limit this threat by roving some certifications to the website, in case of individual- individual transactions as that of EBay which are largely based on auction; this point may not be implemented effectively.

In conclusion, there are several benefits of Commerce and what it could do to our future and what it has already done and the employment it provided to many through IT industry. Commerce has been largely helpful in channeling the buying power of customer with the product which he desires the most.

Free Sample: Electronic Commerce paper example for writing essay

Electronic Commerce - Essay Example

Traditional commerce perhaps started before recorded history when our ancestors first decided to specialist their everyday actively. Instead of each family unit having to grow crops, search for food, and make tools, families developed skills in one of these areas and traded some of their production for other needs. It started with bartering, which eventually gave way to the use of currency, making transactions easier to settle. However, the basic mechanisms of trade were the same.

Some body rated a product or provided a service, which somebody else found valuable, and therefore was willing to ‘pay’ for it in exchange. Thus, commerce, or doing business, is a negotiated exchange of valuable products or services between at least two parties and includes all activities that each of the parties undertakes to complete the commercial transaction. Any commercial transaction can be examined from either the buyer’s or the seller’s viewpoint. These two sides of a commercial transaction are shown In the diagram given below. (a) Buyer’s Side of Traditional Commerce Identify specific buying need

Search for products or services that will satisfy the specific need Select a vendor Negotiate a purchase transaction, Including delivery, logistics, inspection, testing and acceptance Receive product/ service and make payment Perform regular product maintenance and make warranty claims. (b) Seller’s Side of Traditional Commerce Conduct market research to Identify customer needs Create product or service that will meet customers’ needs Advertise and promote product or service Negotiate a sale transaction including delivery logistics, inspection, testing, and Dispatch goods and invoice customer

Receive and process customer payments Provide after-sale support, maintenance, and warranty services. Electronic Commerce: It can be loosely defined as ‘doing business electronically’. More rigorously, e- commerce is buying and selling over digital media. It includes electronic trading of physical goods and of intangibles such as information. This encompasses all the trading steps such as online marketing, ordering, payment, and support for delivery. It includes the electronic provision of services, such as after-sales support, as well as electronic support for collaboration between companies, such as collaborative sign.

A further definition of e-commerce is provided by the European Union website; which defines ‘Electronic commerce as a general concept covering any form of business transactions of information exchange executed using information and communication technology, between companies, between companies and their customers, or between companies and public administrations. Electronic commerce includes electronic trading of goods, services and electronic material’. A Typical Customer Query Interaction in an E-commerce Activity Some people use the term Internet commerce to mean electronic commerce that specifically uses the

Internet as its data transmission medium. E-commerce did not Just happen in the last five years. Automobile companies and supermarkets in the western countries have been doing e-commerce for many years; their e-commerce technology is called electronic data interchange (DE’). Airline seats have also been sold using e-commerce systems; and the French have also been using e-commerce since 1983, but they do it in French with a system called T©l©tell. How do you know which products can be sold more effectively using traditional commerce, and which using electronic commerce?

Products that buyers prefer to ouch, smell, or examine closely are difficult to sell using e-commerce. For example, customers might be reluctant to buy high fashion garments and perishable food products, if they cannot examine the products closely before agreeing to purchase them. Retail merchants may have long traditional commerce experience in creating store environments that help convince customers to buy. This combination of store design, layout, and product display knowledge is called merchandising.

Many salesperson have developed skills that allow them to identify customer needs and find products or services that meet those needs. The art of merchandising and personal selling can be difficult to practice over an electronic link. Easily sold using e-commerce. Customers are willing to order a book title without examining the specific copy they will receive, because one copy of a new book is identical to other copies of the same book, and because the customer is not concerned about its other qualities such as freshness, or smell.

Furthermore, e- commerce also offers the advantage of providing the ability to offer a wider selection of book titles than even the largest physical bookstore; which outweighs the advantage of a traditional bookstore, such as the customer’s ability to browse the book. Internet and WWW: What is the Internet and World Wide Web? The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that use common communication standards and interfaces to provide the physical backbone for a number of interesting applications. One of the most utilized of these Internet applications is the World Wide Web.

What sets the Web apart is an easy-to-use interface to a complex network of computers and data. WWW Basics: Browsers A browser is an application which provides a window to the Web. All browsers are signed to display the pages of information located at Web sites around the world. The most popular browsers on the market today include Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Web Sites Information on the Web is displayed in pages. These pages are written in a standard language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language) which describes how the information should be displayed regardless of the browser used or the type of computer.

Pages also include hypertext links which allow users to Jump to other related information. Hypertext is usually underlined and in a different color and can include individual words, sentences, or even graphics. A Web site is a collection of related Web pages with a common Web address. Web Addresses Web sites and the pages they contain each have a unique worldwide address. This address (or Uniform Resource Locator, URL, in Internet Jargon). The address for Microsoft is www. Microsoft. Com. For most sites, this is all you need to specify and it defaults to the main page (or home page) for the site.

In some cases, you may also need or want to specify the path and file name such as www. Microsoft. Com/office. Note the extension . Com after Microsoft. There are six of extensions that help to divide the computers on the Internet into understandable groups or domains. These six domains include: . Com = commercial, . Gob = government, . Du = education, . Org = organizations, . Net = networks, . Mil = military. There are also extensions for sites outside of the U. S. Including: . Jp ?Japan, . UK = United Kingdom, . FRR = France, and so on.

Browser Extensions Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers provide the ability to extend the functionality of your browser by downloading additional programs that work within the browser. Www. Netscape. Com/plugging. Microsoft calls them “Active Controls” and can be found at wry. Active. Com. Web Multimedia The Web is rapidly evolving from primarily text-based documents to multimedia experience of sight, sound and motion which rival CD-ROOM titles. There are a number of new multimedia technologies and browser add-ins that can enhance your Web surfing.

Audio Hear live broadcasts, sample songs from your favorite bands, or even use the Web to have two-way “web phone” conversations. Some good sites to start include: Real Audio at www. Relation. Com Web Phone at www. Woebegone. Com Video Participate in a live video-conference or see the latest movie clips. Relabeled at www. Realtor’s. Com CUE-Seem at www. Whitening. Com Manipulate three dimensional objects and experience virtual reality on the Web. VRRP at www. VRRP. SSI. Com Animation Interact with some of the most engaging and entertaining sites on the web.

Macromedia Showplace at www. Macromedia. Com Narrative Enliven at wry. Narrative. Com Other Internet Applications Electronic Mail One of the most widely used applications in business, electronic mail (or e-mail) provides very fast delivery of messages to any enabled site on the Internet. Users must have an e-mail account established with their Internet service provider and a unique e-mail address (such as [email protected] Com). Most browsers include integrated e-mail software. UseNet and Newsgroups One of the most popular applications for non-business use on the Internet is the UseNet.

UseNet is a very large public bulletin board where individuals can engage in a wide range of activities including: publish ideas, ask questions, sell items, etc. E- mail is the primary method of posting to a newsgroup. Most browsers include an integrated “News Reader” to read and post to Newsgroups. UseNet topics are organized into Newsgroups which start with prefixes such as race. And alt. There is a whole culture of Jargon and net etiquette (or netiquette) associated with the UseNet. FTP FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is used primarily as a tool to efficiently uploading and downloading files on the Internet.

It is often used transparently on Web sites where there are a large number of downloads. Role of WWW: The World Wide Web (abbreviated as WWW or WWW and commonly known as the Web), is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet. With a web rouser, one can view web pages that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate between them via hyperlinks. * Recommendations for structure and interpretation of hypertext documents. * Recommendations for stylishness, especially CSS, from the WAC. * Standards for Semisecret (usually in the form of JavaScript), from Ecma International. Recommendations for the Document Object Model, from WAC. * Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), which is a universal system for referencing resources on the Internet, such as hypertext documents and images. IRIS, often called URL, are defined by the Thief’s RFC 3986 / SST 66: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax, as well as its predecessors and numerous URI scheme-defining RFC; * HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), especially as defined by RFC 2616: HTTP/I . 1 and RFC 2617: HTTP Authentication, which specify how the browser and server authenticate each other.

Value Chains: The key to intra-business e-commerce is improving value chain efficiency. The Value Chain for a Personnel Computer Manufacturer Sub-processes of Value Chains: Efficiency and Effectiveness of Value Chains: * Objective: reduce operating costs * Efficiency gains Within individual processes * Across the value chain * Efficiency-based competitive advantage * Hidden from public view * Relatively easy to sustain Strategic Business and Industrial Value Chain: E-commerce Role in Business Commerce includes two words trading and aids to trade.

Trading means buying and selling goods, service, and aid to trade means the ways by which trading has done. The main purpose of business concern is to earn profit. To make profit it is necessary to buying and selling. Buying and selling is an integral part of commerce. Commerce includes two words trading and aids to trade. Trading means buying and selling goods, service, and aid to trade means the ways by which trading has done. The main purpose of business concern is to earn profit.

To make profit it is necessary to buying and selling. Buying and selling is an integral part of commerce. Thus, business and commerce cannot separate from each other. For business, it is very necessary to include commencing the goods and services. Commerce is an important word, which has related to business. Now the concept of E-commerce has come which is very popular. E- Commerce is an important word, which is connecting to business.

That concern to sell or buy goods and services in large scale to explore business, for the transferring of goods and services from one place to another and receiving payment for all this, this has done on net which provide business concern a wider market than manual market, E-commerce brings a new revaluation in the business world. Buy the goods and services to large number of people. It helps them to make more and more profit. Because profit is the key of any type of commercial business, for becoming commercial it is necessary to do selling and buying of goods and services.

Commerce or E-commerce and business are two spheres of a coin, which could not separate. Without commencing of goods and services none business can achieve his target to earn profit. Commerce and E-commerce provides true and fair record of all the transactions of business, without commerce or E-commerce the records of business transaction cannot maintain, commerce or E-commerce saves the money of business providing systematic records of business transactions, it provides accuracy, speedy and cheaply way to do business.

Thus, in end we can say business is incomplete without commerce or E-commerce. New Roles for E-commerce These integration efforts are likely to continue in the future. “You’re getting to the point where consumers are more and more expecting Web sites to help them do their retail buying,” Gartering research director David Cheer told the E-commerce Times. “They may not necessarily be looking for the click to order, but they’re looking for store-locator information, to help plan a project. Also, more companies will start to offer post-product support that, in effect, serves as brand enhancement for the next sale. Through all of these tactics, the Web will become an integral part of the 360 degrees of the sales cycle,” Cheer said. And as businesses increasingly embrace e-commerce, consumers’ level of comfort and familiarity with online transactions also will keep rising steadily. With more consumers turning to the Internet to shop and interact with the same brands they see in the real world, the importance of the online channel will keep growing.

This growth should prompt even more retailers to set up shop on the Web, perpetuating a cycle that will boost e- commerce revenue to record levels again and again in coming years. Packet Switched Networks: A packet-switched network is a digital communications network that groups all transmitted data, irrespective of content, type, or structure into suitably sized blocks, called packets. The network over which packets are transmitted is a shared network which routes each packet independently from all others and allocates transmission resources as needed.

The principal goals of packet switching are to optimize utilization of available link capacity, minimize response times and increase the robustness of communication. When traversing network adapters, switches and other outwork nodes, packets are buffered and queued, resulting in variable delay and throughput, depending on the traffic load in the network.