What is E-Commerce - Essay Example

Technology’s growth is astounding that innovations are dependent to it. E-commerce was defined to me as buying and selling over the Internet – use of technology to make business transactions; and what’s more surprising is how it was able to be In different types that attempt to reach individuals like me. Today’s society has ubiquitous demands, and different types of e-commerce come In and attempt to satisfy It. In my personal experiences, I have engaged In Business to Consumer E-

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Commerce by purchasing an airplane ticket to travel here to the united States, bought Items In eBay which Involves Consumer to Consumer E-commerce, made transactions from a small business recommended by friends on Backbone and so much more. But, the Importance of engaging In E-commerce Is being aware of how It works and what It Is made up of as well. Many people these days believe they are “tech savvy Just because they are capable of using Social Networks and can take part in its activities.

Before I read the chapter I believe I knew how these things work how I can prevent “being involved in the wrong things” but then you could never really judge a book by its cover; and I almost took it for granted. During the Re invention Period of E-commerce, it had started to rise along with the growth of another generation of technology (the introduction of the Smartness), resulting in rapid growth of online social networks, consumers adoption to new mobile devices and giving another way to engage in e-commerce (through mobile devices). On reading that chapter, it dawned on me that I will never easily grasp the “idea” of E-commerce the way I thought I would. For now, it is helpful to think about e-commerce being dependent and having extreme involvement to three words: Technology, Business and Society. The ideas that the heart of E-commerce is Technology, (like this is its motherboard in a computer), the Business World as its guide, ideas and rules to be followed and applied, (like these are objectives of the company) and Society as a market it will attempt to reach and satisfy; in a figurative way, it helped me understand a little more.

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These are the most relevant concepts in the chapter as it tends to emphasize the important things that revolve around E-commerce and the truths that opened my eyes. I realized I have been too engrossed to satisfy my wants that my privacy must have suffered. However, I will continue to engage In these , yet I will be more careful with the decisions I make, whom I make transactions with, monitor my privacy and start thinking outside the box.