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Taking the field trip 1. Distribute route map to be observed. 2. Check the group and Introduce the gulled 3. Special effort to ensure that: The trip keeps to the time schedule * The students have the opportunity to obtain answers to questions participates courteously in the entire trip * The guide sticks closely to the list of questions Evaluating field trip * The group 1 . Could the same benefits be achieved by other materials? Was It worth the time, could be foreseen another time? 3. Were new interests developed? Should the trip be recommended to other classes studying similar topics? Educational Benefits Derived from a Field Trip 1 . The acquisition of lasting concepts and change in attitudes are rooted on concrete and rich experiences. 2. Field trips bring us to the world beyond the classroom. 3. Field trips have a wide range of application. 4. It can bring about a lot of realizations which may lead to changes in attitudes and insights. Disadvantages of field trips 1. It is costly 2. It involves logistics 3. It is extravagant with time .

Contains an element of uncertainty. Community Resources A field trip may be a visit to a scenic spot or too historical place. These can be a persons and places in the community. As to places to visit, popular destinations are museums, zoos, botanical gardens, historical places, places of exhibits, scenic spots. Other community resources can be people themselves such as parents, senior citizens and other members of the community. Performances like a play, a concert, and dance presentations also form part of community resources.

Public libraries and private libraries (some private schools, colleges and universities allow outsiders to research in their libraries on special arrangements) can also be community learning resources. Field Trip: a bridge of the school and the community Field trip abolishes the “walls” that divide the classroom and the outside world. Field trips also connect people. All people involved in the field trip- students, teachers, parents, and school head-?come together for the Joint planning are also part and members of the community.