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Electrical Engineering and Technical Communication - Essay Example

For example, for the characteristic that technical communication addresses particular readers, you might point to the section of the site called “ADMISSION” because it presents Information addressed specifically to people who are considering enrolling. Be prepared to share your findings with the class. 2. Locate an owners manual for a consumer product, such as a coffeemaker, bicycle, or hair dryer. In a memo to your instructor, describe and evaluate the manual. To what extent does it meet the measures of excellence discussed in this chapter?

In what ways does it fall short? Submit a copy of the document (or a representative portion of It) with your memo. Locate a document on the Web that you think is an example of technical communication. Describe the aspects of the document that illustrate the characteristics of technical communication discussed in this chapter. Then evaluate the effectiveness of the document. Write your response in a memo to your instructor. Submit a copy of the document (or a representative portion of It) with your assignment. Section of Academics where you can see the different departments of colleges that LEAP acquire. And from there, I chose the college of engineering because it is my course. And as you can see from the picture above you can see that the college of engineering has three degree programs which are the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. This section is addressed to those engineering students who wants to understand why should they choose one of those degree programs.

And also it is addressed to those incoming freshmen who is errantly choosing what school should they choose and what course is suits their personality. This kind of section helps incoming freshmen students understand what is engineering, what are its degree programs in LEAP and why should they choose LEAP to be their Alma Mater. The College of Engineering section also show its profile, news and events, achievements and awards and alumni and graduates. And it also shows what are the goals and culture of the College of Engineering in LEAP by heading to the profile section where you can see the Vision and Mission of the Engineering

Department. You may see the vision and mission below : And it is also organized and produced collaboratively. You will see everything that you needs to know about the college of engineering of LEAP. You will notice that the page you are browsing is the page of Lap because of its Logos, Design and Color. It also consists pictures, logos and words that you need to gather information about the College of Engineering in LAP. So therefore, the section of College of Engineering in Academics Section acquire not only three but the six characteristics of technical communication.