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Electronic devices - Essay Example

Electronic Devices Society depends a lot on technology nowadays, they can obtain a lot of information In just a little device. Now some people read books in tablets or pad, not in the real books. Some things are so different like they used to be. Some people prefer to get Information with Just giving a single touch to the screen of the table. There exist a lot of electronic devices that are changing our society, Like the Pad, Pod or Macomb. The people who are more likely to buy this devices think about the price, popularity, quality and portability.

The pros and cons of the device will lead people to decide which one satisfy all the requirements, which one Is the most preferred by society. The price of this devices vary a lot, because one Is smaller than the other one, or one Is more useful than the other. The price of the Pad Is between $500. 00 and $700. 00 depending on the capacity. The price of the Pod Is between $300. 00 and $400. 00 also vanes because of the capacity, and the price of the Macomb Is between 999. 0 and ,299. 00 based on the measurement and capacity. Obviously, the most expensive is the Macomb and the cheaper is the Pod. People that lives with technology around them doesn’t care about the prices too much, they just think about getting the greatest. Apple hardware is overpriced, and there is a big difference in the prices between a new one or an old one, even though there’s not a big noticeable change. The popularity of this apple products its almost the same.